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By Ree Soesbee Steven Savile | Comments: ( 943 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

The lost kingdom of Orr lies beneath the ocean waves, an entire civilization swallowed by an ancient cataclysm For centuries, it has lain dormant in the depths, its ancient secrets lost Until now.The Elder Dragon Zhaitan has risen In its wake, the drowned kingdom of Orr is reborn and another is destroyed The city of Lion s Arch, for generations a cornerstone of civilizThe lost kingdom of Orr lies beneath the ocean waves, an entire civilization swallowed by an ancient cataclysm For centuries, it has lain dormant in the depths, its ancient secrets lost Until now.The Elder Dragon Zhaitan has risen In its wake, the drowned kingdom of Orr is reborn and another is destroyed The city of Lion s Arch, for generations a cornerstone of civilization in Tyria, is brutally swept beneath the waves, leaving nothing but ruins Among the survivors is Cobiah Marriner, a human sailor shipwrecked by the tsunami and stranded at sea When he is rescued by a ferocious charr, Cobiah knows that he s been plunged into a world forever changed.Now, Zhaitan s undead servants dominate the sea, destroying port after port and slaughtering anything in their path In the midst of ruin, Cobiah vows to see Lion s Arch rebuilt Amid the storm of the dragon s rising, Cobiah must become a hero to his crew and an admiral to the pirate fleet, and face the ghosts of his past Only then will he master the Sea of Sorrows and crush the armada of Orr.

  • Title: Sea of Sorrows
  • Author: Ree Soesbee Steven Savile
  • ISBN: 9781416589624
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Ree Soesbee Steven Savile

Ree Soesbee is a writer, game designer, and lore editor for massively multiplayer online games as well as traditional pen and paper RPGs She has authored than sixteen novels in a wide variety of fantastic worlds ranging from the popular Legend of the Five Rings setting to Star Trek, Dragonlance, Deadlands, and Vampire the Masquerade Her body of work includes over a hundred RPG texts, and inclusion in numerous short story anthologies and professional literary journals Currently, she is a lead designer and lore writer for Guild Wars 2 innovative follow up to the award winning Guild Wars MMORPG Already, Guild Wars 2 has recieved Gamescom s Best Online Game and MMORPG s Most Anticipated MMO awards.

Comments Sea of Sorrows

  • Rowie

    Sea of Sorrows reads like a play to me. It is divided into several acts and the dialogue (especially in the first few chapters) would fit better when actors shout them on stage, almost blinded by the spotlights hanging above them. It was so over the top and dramatic at first that I couldn't take it too serious. I bet it's not easy being Cobiah Marriner. It takes only a couple of chapters for him to lose everything - with dramatic flair that Shakespeare might've approved of.This does get better. [...]

  • Lawrence

    Initially, when I first started playing Guild Wars 2 about six months ago, I was by no means an "MMORPG" player; I played games primarily for story and I felt some "MMORPGs" did not deliver in that respect. Imagine my surprise when I was informed there were two books published for the game to fill in the 250 year gap between Guild Wars 1 - which I unfortunately skipped - and Guild Wars 2. Ghosts of Ascalon was sufficient in setting up the world in which the other races emerged upon Tyria and the [...]

  • Gerben

    Sea of Sorrows by Ree Soesbee is perhaps the best of the three Guild Wars novels. I was already familiar with the Guild Wars franchise, having played both games before reading this book. Therefore, I am writing this review with the assumption that potential readers know at least a bit about the lore of Guild Wars. Story summaryIn Sea of Sorrows, you follow the human Cobiah and his colorful band of companions through the destruction and rebuilding of Lion's Arch during the awakening of the Elder [...]

  • Geoff Copper

    Light read, good for people familiar with the world of Guild Wars. Characters are well written for the most part. Kind of wish the novel had been more continuous, instead of being presented essentially as a combination of short stories with a central set of characters in each, but it didn't detract drastically from the book - just seemed like a lazy way to avoid telling the story between the major events.

  • Thibaut Nicodème

    I'm probably very biased, because I've always been a fan of Ree Soesbee's style, but I loved this book.It has everything you'd want in a fantasy epic. Politics? Check! Action? Check! Magic? Check! Strong characters of both genders? Check again! Really, I'd recommend this book even to people who are unfamiliar with Guild Wars lore. It's just that good.

  • Jonathan

    You know, more so than the other Guild Wars 2 books I really enjoyed Sea of Sorrows. I've a niggling complaint here and there towards the end but overall I loved getting just that little bit more of the world via Ree.Well worth a go.

  • Droniac

    The only reason I'm rating this book 2/5 is because I'm a fan of the Guild Wars games and this book reveals a great deal of the events that lead up to Guild Wars 2. If you're reading this as someone who hasn't played the games, you can safely deduct another point.Sea of Sorrows is a seafaring fantasy book that follows the life of Cobiah Marriner. It starts when Cobiah's still a child and leads all the way up to when he's a reasonably old man who has (view spoiler)[rebuilt the city of Lion's Arch [...]

  • Jayne

    I'll hold my hands up here and admit something that will probably skew my entire review: I am a GW2 lore geek. I'm a card-carrying member of the GW2 roleplay community, for goodness' sake. As such, this book probably had a far bigger impact on me than it would for most other readers.This book does a fantastic job of revealing parts of Krytan history, and of bulking out the lore that's revealed in game. The Marriner plaques, the Moran memorial, Yomm's Mercantile, the Polla doll trinket that can d [...]

  • Chin-Ning Chong

    Wonderful!I didn't expect to like this book so much, but I loved it!! I love reading the history of Lion's Arch, of how it flooded the first time, of the Dead Ships rising, of Zhaitan awakening, of the ships and the sea and politics and mad plans that work out just fine. It was a beautiful book!!

  • Kimberly

    Finally a proper ending! That’s what I needed for this finale! Now I can say that, even if it was the longest book of the trilogy, it was enjoyable like the other two. Pretty proud of finally completed this series, IN ONE MONTH 😝🤯

  • Aaron

    I really enjoyed this book. Plenty to love in it for any fans of Guild Wars 2 Lore.

  • Michael Ware

    Great ReadAwesome history of Lion’s Arch. Sykox is quite the character and really the big hero for me in this novel.

  • Sommer Walker

    Fun Read for True Guild Wars FansIf you are a die hard fan of Guild Wars then this book is a lot of fun to read. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Mrs Giggles

    Sea Of Sorrows is a novel based on the world of the MMORPG Guild Wars 2, and it takes place earlier than the previous two books.This one focuses on twenty or so years of our hero Cobiah "Coby" Marriner's life and how he rebuilt Lion's Arch after it was destroyed in a colossal tidal wave created by the rising of the sunken kingdom of Orr by the Elder Dragon Zhaitan. When Zhaitan's army of undead starts showing up in Dead Ships to pulverize Orr, Coby has his hands full. But if only things were tha [...]

  • Camilla Hansen

    I started reading this book without much expectation, since I didn't feel as if I had much connected to the setting nor people in the book from Guild Wars. I was not even sure where it was going before I started reading.The thing that surprised me the most was that Orr and its risen minions of Zhaitan didn't play a larger role than it did, despite still being the main antagonists. It turned out to be more about Lion's Arch and its story, which is perfectly fine, but I had no idea it was going to [...]

  • Jawby

    This book was very frustrating for me to sit through. Tyria and the history of Lion's Arch have always had my interest. While the author does give a clear history of how Lion's Arch became independent of Kryta, it is conveyed in a way that tends to slog through details that are reiterated far too often.(view spoiler)[ In the final part of the book, you are reminded of the Maw eating anything and everything indiscriminately about a dozen times.(hide spoiler)]Another thing that takes you out of th [...]

  • Tristan

    So I was really excited to start this book. Guild Wars is one of my favourite games out there and I honestly haven't played that much of it. I love the world, the lore, the science and magic of everything that's something that gets replicated in this book. It's just as inviting as the source inspiration, with that equally as inviting depth and fascination that would come with a fantasy game.One issue I do have is that there are a lot of time jumps in the book and during those skipped years we mi [...]

  • Alexandru Florescu

    If I go into both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 and type /age, the number that shows up makes me a bit embarrassed. The fact that these two games (mostly the original) took the majority, if not all of my gaming time while I was active, made me have high hopes before opening this book, as I was yearning for more tyrian action!I loved "Ghosts of Ascalon" and thought "Edge of Destiny" was alright, but I had high hopes for "Sea of Sorrows" as the premise sounded very different and I thought I would se [...]

  • Paul Williams

    I'd have hoped that the final book of the trilogy to bridge between Guildwars and Guildwars 2 would be an amazing book, one to sweep me off my feet. Unfortunately this was not the case. The first in the trilogy set the bar high and the next two books didn't come close.This book takes someone from the streets of Lions Arch and turns them into the best thing since sliced bread pretty much. Another story where there is so much success when it seems failure two much like the previous book. At least [...]

  • Lu

    Licensed novels -- sometimes good, sometimes bad! In this age of Disney-owned entertainment monopolies, let us not look down on literary fast food because it bears the stamp of a video game. All writers need to eat!Third and final tie-in novel meant to bridge the gap between MMORPGs Guild Wars 1 & 2. Its maritime adventure theme sets it apart from predecessors Ghosts of Ascalon and Edge of Destiny, as the book chronicles the (majority of) the life of the founder of central game hub city Lion [...]

  • Rebecca Holloway

    Really should not be called #3 - these books should be read in reverse order really, as this comes first chronologically and this and the other books would have made a lot more sense had I read them in a different order. Having said this, I think that they have all been great books and the dots between the two games are now joined and I understand a lot more about the second game; why things are the way they are, the importance of certain people and where all the other races came from. A great b [...]

  • Corey

    Those who know me, know that Guild Wars is my favorite game, that I am completely captivated and enthralled by it lore to a ridiculous degree. So taking a step back from the joy I get from experiencing part of Tyria's history, I definitely have to say I have read better books, so I can't give this 5 stars.However, that being said, I challenge you to be bored by a book full of seafaring battles while the characters try to make a new star / home for themselves while under the danger of being destr [...]

  • Kati

    The best Guild Wars book yet, I would say. It felt like a real story, a real novel, not just the summary of a video game, because that's the impression the previous two books gave me, at least a little.This was the story of Cobiah Marriner's rise to power and the destruction and revival of Lion's Arch. And it was wonderful. Because all the characters were wonderful. Cobiah, Macha, Sykox, Isaye I really rooted for them and for once in this loosely connected series of books I got a good, satisfyin [...]

  • Murakami Akemi

    Sea of Sorrows is undoubtedly the best of the Guild Wars novels. Ree Soesbee's writing is of a higher quality, her storytelling flows even smoother, and I didn't mind any of the fight scenes because they didn't feel as repetitive to me as the ones in Edge of Destiny. Cobiah is a fantastic character and I'm glad they eventually chose to have the third novel be about him and not the Crucible of Eternity though I'm sure that would have made an amazing novel too and I do hope we still get that one e [...]

  • Dido

    The Bottom Line - Should you read this book?NO, UNLESS - you are an avid fan of Guild Wars 2 and its setting, in which case this novel will allow you to delve deeper into the history of Lion's Arch.It's only real merit is its pedigree; if you are acquainted with the lore of the game, you will probably enjoy it. I found great pleasure in recognising locations from Lion's Arch and connecting them with the stories found here. As a stand-alone work, it's mediocre at best, and at times outright tedio [...]

  • Doug

    Great action novel, whether you are into the mmorpg or not. The action scenes are very well written and kept me reading with bated breath. I'll admit to a few times sitting on the train after pulling into the station to see how a battle turns out. However the book skips large parts of the characters' lives, largely to be able to surprise us at the end. Personally I would rather have read about things as they happened, instead of "15 years later, everything's changed. Surprise! Here's how, and wh [...]

  • Buffy

    I really wanted to like this book. I play GW2 and I thought that it would be interesting to read some stories within this world. What I found was standard fantasy fare with little imagination. The characters aren't very interesting and the story is very predictable. There's also a case of insta-love which is enough to make me put down a book. The world of Tyria is so rich and interesting and I feel that there is so much potential for some interesting stories to come out of it but, alas, this isn [...]

  • John

    My main complaint is how quickly the end went by. I feel like there should've been an extra chapter of resolution. Other than that, the book is an extremely entertaining read for fans of the Guild Wars universe. The first two acts are a bit slow, but it really picks up in the latter two, with the third act being my favorite.There are some great lore reveals, especially the fate of a certain GW1 character but once again I wish we learned more.

  • Neilie J

    Exceptionally, surprisingly well-written. I've never read any of the author's other work, but you don't generally expect a game-narrative book to be so well done. Its dialog is believable, its characters likable, and it actually makes them into something more than just figureheads in an MMO. The story works well on its own, but reading it has definitely enriched my experience of playing Guild Wars 2. I look forward to reading more from Ree.

  • Morgan Mulvaney

    Hard to rant and rave about Sea of Sorrows without spoiling it. Definitely the best written of the three, the main characters are excellent and multi-dimensional. If you are a Guild Wars fan this is the book to read. (Also, I actually swelled up and almost cried by the end of the first chapter. So there is that.)

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