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For than two decades, Clive Barker has twisted the worlds of horrific and surrealistic fiction into a terrifying, transcendent genre all his own With skillful prose, he enthralls even as he horrifies with uncanny insight, he disturbs as profoundly as he reveals Evoking revulsion and admiration, anticipation and dread, Barker s works explore the darkest contradictioFor than two decades, Clive Barker has twisted the worlds of horrific and surrealistic fiction into a terrifying, transcendent genre all his own With skillful prose, he enthralls even as he horrifies with uncanny insight, he disturbs as profoundly as he reveals Evoking revulsion and admiration, anticipation and dread, Barker s works explore the darkest contradictions of the human condition our fear of life and our dreams of death.

  • Title: Cabal
  • Author: Clive Barker
  • ISBN: 9780743417327
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Clive Barker

Clive Barker was born in Liverpool, England, the son of Joan Rubie n e Revill , a painter and school welfare officer, and Leonard Barker, a personnel director for an industrial relations firm Educated at Dovedale Primary School and Quarry Bank High School, he studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and his picture now hangs in the entrance hallway to the Philosophy Department It was in Liverpool in 1975 that he met his first partner, John Gregson, with whom he lived until 1986 Barker s second long term relationship, with photographer David Armstrong, ended in 2009.In 2003, Clive Barker received The Davidson Valentini Award at the 15th GLAAD Media Awards This award is presented to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individual who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for any of those communities While Barker is critical of organized religion, he has stated that he is a believer in both God and the afterlife, and that the Bible influences his work.Fans have noticed of late that Barker s voice has become gravelly and coarse He says in a December 2008 online interview that this is due to polyps in his throat which were so severe that a doctor told him he was taking in ten percent of the air he was supposed to have been getting He has had two surgeries to remove them and believes his resultant voice is an improvement over how it was prior to the surgeries He said he did not have cancer and has given up cigars On August 27, 2010, Barker underwent surgery yet again to remove new polyp growths from his throat In early February 2012 Barker fell into a coma after a dentist visit led to blood poisoning Barker remained in a coma for eleven days but eventually came out of it Fans were notified on his Twitter page about some of the experience and that Barker was recovering after the ordeal, but left with many strange visions.Barker is one of the leading authors of contemporary horror fantasy, writing in the horror genre early in his career, mostly in the form of short stories collected in Books of Blood 1 6 , and the Faustian novel The Damnation Game 1985 Later he moved towards modern day fantasy and urban fantasy with horror elements in Weaveworld 1987 , The Great and Secret Show 1989 , the world spanning Imajica 1991 and Sacrament 1996 , bringing in the deeper, richer concepts of reality, the nature of the mind and dreams, and the power of words and memories.Barker has a keen interest in movie production, although his films have received mixed receptions He wrote the screenplays for Underworld aka Transmutations 1985 and Rawhead Rex 1986 , both directed by George Pavlou Displeased by how his material was handled, he moved to directing with Hellraiser 1987 , based on his novella The Hellbound Heart His early movies, the shorts The Forbidden and Salome, are experimental art movies with surrealist elements, which have been re released together to moderate critical acclaim After his film Nightbreed Cabal , which was widely considered to be a flop, Barker returned to write and direct Lord of Illusions Barker was an executive producer of the film Gods and Monsters, which received major critical acclaim.Barker is a prolific visual artist working in a variety of media, often illustrating his own books His paintings have been seen first on the covers of his official fan club magazine, Dread, published by Fantaco in the early Nineties, as well on the covers of the collections of his plays, Incarnations 1995 and Forms of Heaven 1996 , as well as on the second printing of the original UK publications of his Books of Blood series.A longtime comics fan, Barker achieved his dream of publishing his own superhero books when Marvel Comics launched the Razorline imprint in 1993 Based on detailed premises, titles and lead characters he created specifically for this, the four interrelated titles set outside the Marvel universe were Ectokid,

Comments Cabal

  • Johann (jobis89)

    Oh Barker. You give me such heart eyes. Full review to come!

  • Paul Nelson

    I listened to the audio of Cabal by Clive Barker which comes in at fifteen minutes shy of seven hours and follows the disturbed protagonist Aaron Boone. Boone is a troubled man and is manipulated by his psychiatrist into thinking he's a serial killer. This modern day witch doctor, Decker, doesn't want to kill him with drugs he wants Boone to be his scapegoat. Through rumour and heresy he finds himself heading for the fabled Midian, where monsters take refugee, hot on his heels is his jilted gir [...]

  • Apatt

    “Midian. He’d heard the name of that place spoken maybe half a dozen times by people he’d met on the way through, usually those whose strength was all burned up. When they called on Midian it was as a place of refuge; a place to be carried away to. And more: a place where whatever sins they’d committed– real or imagined– would be forgiven them.”Cabal is the story of a town called Midian and its monstrous residents, the Nightbreed. It is a story of humanity vs monsters, nothing unus [...]

  • Horace Derwent

  • Mack Moyer

    Cabal by Clive Barker is about blowing your load. Yes, your load. Splooging, busting, cracking a loaf, so to speak, and not being ashamed about it. There are loads blown in this book. Not a lot of them, mind you. Mr. Barker doesn’t employ a GRRM amount of loads here, but of the two loads blown in this book, one of quite pivotal and the other is probably the strangest facial I’ve ever seen in a work of fiction. But first the non-sperm parts of Cabal. Our hero Boone is a complete lunatic. He [...]

  • Jean

    So much of this book is said in subtext, in the language that the characters speak secretly of themselves and others, that I see a lot of readers having completely missed the point or not even willing to formulate an opinion to take a stab at answering the questions they say the story raised for them and never answered. The heart of the book is Lori, a highly sympathetic and believable female character (Barker's good at that), and the shift from Boone's narrative to hers at first felt jarring, m [...]

  • Oscar

    Aaron Boone está sufriendo espantosas pesadillas que le llevan a visitar al psiquiatra Decker. Y es que Boone está convencido de que es un asesino. En una de sus sesiones, Decker le muestra a Boone unas horribles fotografías de crímenes que le convencen definitivamente de ser el autor de dichos asesinatos. A raíz de estos problemas mentales, entrará en conocimiento de Midian, un lugar en el que los monstruos pueden encontrar su hogar.‘Cabal: Razas de noche’ (Cabal, 1988), del británic [...]

  • Ken McKinley

    Cabal is a novella by Barker that was the basis for the 1990 movie Nightbreed. It's a tale of a character named Boone who believes that he is a serial killer. During sessions with his therapist, Dr. Decker, he tries to convince Boone that he has to give himself up for the murders he committed. Boone decides that he would rather kill himself than be imprisoned for life. After a botched suicide attempt, he meets a half-crazed man named Narcissus. From him, Boone learns of a refuge for monsters tha [...]

  • Ignacio Senao f

    Por mucho que se le alabe como gran autor de terror no cambiara mi opinión sobre él: no tiene capacidad de causar terror, lo intenta dando asco.Pues él tan solo mete cosas desagradables, monstruos repugnantes y sexo sucio. Y aunque tenga una buena idea, la destroza con su característica.

  • R.

    A long gestation - bought 2001, completely readw.Midian is the Vanishing Point of Reference"Cabal" is a bloodier The Graveyard Book: hero lives in cemetery amonguh, friendse normal life is ruined by machinations of psycho-killer; but that isn't enough for the evil doctor. No. Decker (played in the movie by David Cronenberg) has to press the issuebut goodthing for the hero that not everything in and under the cemetery is dead. And there goes the hellraiser, being chased by the dark, dark zippermo [...]

  • Aslı Dağlı

    Ve #Kabal da bitti. Van, Kars, Ardahan ucgeninde uzerinde calistigim proje, onlarca saatlik yolculuk, uykusuzluk derken tahminimden birkac gun daha uzun surdu. #CliveBarker'in kurgusuna bir sey demek zaten haddime degil. Epik fantezi ya da fantastik gerilim denildiginde aklima ilk gelen isim hep Clive Barker olacak. Bu baglamda Kabal da beni yaniltmadi; bazi yerlerde yorgunluktan gozlerimden yaslar akmasina ragmen kitabi elimden birakamadim. Surukleyiciydi, gerilim yukluydu.Kitap, @oglakkitap bu [...]

  • Cody | codysbookshelf

    The basis for the horror film Nightbreed, Clive Barker's short 1988 novel Cabal is typically Barkian in all the best ways. Off the page drips this author's trademark transcendent prose; poetic and striking and maddeningly puzzling, line for line Barker is one of the most talented writers in the business. I must admit I am sure parts of this story went over my head, but I don't mind — that gives me cause to revisit this dark tale again in a couple of years. This is the story of a man called Boo [...]

  • Dreadlocksmile

    First published back in 1988, ‘Cabal’ followed the release of the hugely popular novel ‘Weaveworld’. The story turns all our ideas about horror fiction on its head, with Barker’s classic tale of misguided humanity. The tale subtly tackles the conception, misguided judgment and ridicule of views on homosexual community, with the homosexuals represented as the Nightbreed. Hounded, hunted and attacked, merely due to their way of life, the novel takes you into a world of questions and sugg [...]

  • Suzana Vuksanovic

    This book really took me by surprise. Although it is a story that includes much that is supernatural, I found it extraordinarily believable. In fact I found myself wishing that Midian was real. Midian is where the bulk of the action in the book takes place, and can be applied both to the ghost town and the cemetery that lies nearby. Even in it's heyday the town of Midian was a one street town, so the unusual thing about this cemetary is it's hugeness. The inscriptions on the various plots (which [...]

  • Holly the Infinite Book Dragon

    The wind was not invisible. It had a texture, as though it carried a weight of dust, the motes steadily gumming up her eyes and sealing her nose, finding its way into her underwear and up into her body by those routes too.Cabal is the inspiration behind Barker's film, Nightbreed. I have seen Nightbreed twice, once well before it was appropriate viewing & then I rewatched it as a horror obsessed teenager. All I really remember from the film is that David Cronenberg was brilliant in it! After [...]

  • Richard Wright

    A short novel singing a hymn to perversity. Cabal takes a close look a monsters, and discovers that there is a lot more to them than appearances lead you to believe. At the same time, there's no escaping the fact that they remain well, monsters. It's a beautifully written story, but one that is too often accorded partialities that I'm not sure are inherent in the text. Minority groups are often quick to relate the metaphor of Midian to themselves, but that can only be done on the most selective [...]

  • David

    CABAL is a zombie story as only Barker could have written it. Now I need to see the movie

  • Leo Robertson

    (Okay so for whatever reason this appears as two books and my review didn't appear for this version? Well here it is again :D)This year, I’ve gotten a stronger understanding of the difference between literary and simple genre fiction- or at least how I would define them.A literary story needs to provide some unique psychological or philosophical insight or at least present an existing insight in a new way.Genre fiction provides no new insight: it’s a reshuffling of existing material, often d [...]

  • P. Aaron Potter

    If you’re not quite ready to get vicariously blood-drenched, but you’d like a taste of the later Barker’s work, try “Cabal.” Like “Hellbound Heart,” it was published after the Books of Blood but is sometimes repackaged as an extension of that series. As a bonus, one of the short stories usually bundled with it is “The Last Illusion,” which served as the basis for the film “Lord of Illusions,” an urban fantasy starring the always excellent Scott Bakula. “Cabal” itself w [...]

  • Christina Crooks

    Clive Barker's dark Cabal (the movie "Nightbreed" is based on it) is one of his many great tales. I'm almost as impressed by this author's economical writing power and his grasp of human nature as I am with his original stories. This one's a horror love story that begins with a trusted but secretly psychotic psychiatrist convincing the hero he's a murderer. Hunted, the hero seeks a safe haven with the shape-shifting Nightbreed.There's one gorgeously direct sex scene in Cabal that should be read [...]

  • Ksenia Anske

    The stuff nightmares are made of. The monsters who are lonely and frail and almost human one moment, and beasts another, gorging on blood and flesh. You read, and you're not sure what you read, and then it's over and you wonder what hit you. Only Clive Barker can turn evil into poetry.

  • Jim Peterson

    I just love Clive Barker. He may write horror and fantasy, but he writes some of the most beautiful prose I've ever read. I only wish this one were longer.

  • Osvaldo

    Siento que más bien es un 2.2/5Vaya decepción, verán, siempre he sido de la idea de que por mucho que te recomienden a un autor o inclusive, que lo difamen, nunca te harás una idea real hasta que no lo hayas experimentado por tu propia mano, así me ha pasado con Barker.Barker es un autor que prácticamente todos mis conocidos me recomiendan, y les soy sincero ya he leído algunos cuentos y relatos de él, sobre todo Los libros de sangre que yo considero excelentes, inclusive The Hellbound H [...]

  • Jack

    I'm so interested in the resurrection of Barker's film of 'Cabal' - 1990's 'Nightbreed' - that I thought I would check out the novel before I saw the theatrical cut of the film. I have wanted to read Barker for years, particularly after reading a short story of his in the Vandermeers' 'New Weird' anthology, called "In the Hills, the Cities", that had a breathtakingly visceral and grand MacGuffin. Now, the assembly of the 'Cabal Cut' from DVD and VHS sources and the ongoing quest to recover the n [...]

  • The_Mad_Swede

    There is something special about Clive Barker's prose. Perhaps in particular his early works like the short fiction in The Books of Blood and The Hellbound Heart, and Cabal is clearly (pardon the pun) of the same breed.Barker writes with all the stops out and throws his readers into the midst of a world both nightmarish and fantastic. A world of gross depravity, yet human in all its monstrosity. Barker gives the monsters and outcasts of his fiction souls, making them perhaps more human than some [...]

  • Ape

    Review I wrote in 2003This is a horror about ’half dead’ people, who actually turn out to be far less threatening and dangerous than the living, perhaps something to think about. I actually read this a couple of years ago. This is the first and only book I have ever read by Clive Barker and to be honest I was not that impressed. It was not scary and I found the overall plot a bit ridiculous and the main female characters a bit two dimensional, but it would be interesting to see what other pe [...]

  • Thomas Strömquist

    This book was even better than I remembered from reading it a long time ago. The protagonist Boone is a very disturbed man and when his psychiatrist shows him picture evidence of his heinous crimes, he is convinced that being the monster he is, he does not have a place among the living no more but that he belongs in the mythical Midian. When he struggled to get there, he finds out that he doesn't belong there either, but he willThe narrative is dreamlike and paints very clear pictures (making th [...]

  • Jaime Contreras

    This was needlessly violent and disturbing. Mr. Barker has lost his way and has succumbed to useless gore and violence as his interpretation of writing horror. He is quite animalistic in the emotional bent of his fictional characters. Honestly, I am not sure he is worth reading anymore. There is a lot of anger here. Skip it unless you are into this type of dreck.

  • Edwina Callan

    Fast paced and creepy.Perfect for a dark and stormy Autumn night.

  • Donovan

    This book inspired the movie Nightbreed.It is an easy read but one that is not recommended to the squeamish as it does have its violent moments.It is one of Barker's earlier novels and I feel it does show at times. In saying that and knowing how well Barker's work has matured since writing Cabal, I would like to see a sequel written for it.Plot ***Spoiler***The story concerns a young man named Boone, who is suffering from an unspecified mental illness. Although it is not serious enough to instit [...]

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