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By Sarah-Kate Lynch | Comments: ( 542 ) | Date: ( Jan 29, 2020 )

New from the author of House of Daughters an irresistible confection of love, loss, and Italian sweets in the delectable tradition of Chocolat Corporate star Lily Turner abandons the boardrooms of Manhattan for the steep streets of Montevedova when she discovers her perfect husband, Daniel, has another family tucked away in the hills of Tuscany Once there, her plight aNew from the author of House of Daughters an irresistible confection of love, loss, and Italian sweets in the delectable tradition of Chocolat Corporate star Lily Turner abandons the boardrooms of Manhattan for the steep streets of Montevedova when she discovers her perfect husband, Daniel, has another family tucked away in the hills of Tuscany Once there, her plight attracts the attention of the Secret League of Widowed Darners, an all but invisible army pulling strings behind the scenes to create happy endings Soon founding members, Violetta and Luciana, are scheming to mend Lily s broken heart and to enlist her help for their struggling pasticceria With the lush landscape of a sumptuous Tuscan summer in the background, and the tantalizing scent of fresh baked cantucci in the air, Dolci di Love is the joyful celebration of a modern recipe for life.

  • Title: Dolci di Love
  • Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
  • ISBN: 9780452296756
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Sarah-Kate Lynch

Sarah Kate Lynch is quite a cranky journalist of several decades who prefers making things up to recording them accurately This is not very good if you are a journalist, which may explain a the crankiness and b why she now writes novels.She also writes two columns in the New Zealand Woman s Day, New Zealand s best selling weekly magazine One is about nothing and the other is about travel.Sarah Kate lives in a cliff top house on the wild west coast of New Zealand s North Island with a lovely dog called Ginger and a husband called Ted Oh, hang on, no, that s not right The dog is called Ted and the husband is Ginger.

Comments Dolci di Love

  • Patrícia

    Quando o coração que julgamos conhecer e amar, que nos confortou e enterneceu com palavras doces e promessas eternas, torce pelo de outra pessoa, distante e inalcançável, a surpresa e a traição são dois sentimentos dominadores que podem, facilmente, levar-nos a cometer uma loucura. Como, por exemplo, marcar uma viagem alucinante até um dos cantinhos recônditos da Toscana. Mas será o confronto a forma mais segura de reaver a pouca dignidade que nos resta? Ou deverá a tentação do esqu [...]

  • Sarah

    MehAn interesting plot, but unfortunately the dull, unlikeable characters let the book down. The only character that seemed "real" was Rose, Lily's sister, and she only had a small supporting role.The first page or so was engaging enough, however, I found myself having to re-read several paragraphs as at times the author contructed her sentences strangely. That always gets me off on the wrong foot.Her descriptions of Italy were very nice, but the subplot of the scheming old ladies was just creep [...]

  • Mary

    I like chick lit as much as anyone. Something light and fluffy, not too serious, set in Italy, lots of lucious food and wine, good looking wealthy peoplewhat's not to like. But honestly this book got very stupid as it went on. the only thing that kept me going was the old ladies with their secret club and match making craziness. As soon as Lily started thinking of forgiving her really scummy husband, all because he had the child she couldn't have, as soon as the hunky Allesandro was turned into [...]

  • Daniela

    I'm honestly all about forgiving, forgetting, and moving on, but sometimes there's simply things that you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT forgive, forget & move on from. What happened in Dolci Di Love, was one of them. Lily finds out that her husband Daniel had an affair and is now the father of a 7 year old girl. A secret that he's kept for 7 years of their marriage. Not only that, but the secret is in another country. He's had a second life in Italy. He travels there for work. Can we be serious??? S [...]

  • Chelsea

    I received this book for free from one of the First Reads giveaways. I received the book on a Tuesday afternoon and had it finished by Thursday morning. I could not put this book down. I absolutely loved it. My favorite books tend to be ones that the author can pull me into the story and make me relate to the characters. Sarah-Kate Lynch did just that with this book. I was immediately able to identify and feel empathy for Lily. There were times where I wanted to cry with her. I felt like I unde [...]

  • Maria

    I have never, to this day, had the courage to say no to a novel taking place in Italy. As you might have guessed, I have never been there. It is one of those dream trips that I will one day take. Soon, I hope. Anyway…This novel is far from being glorious. It is not going to rend you speechless, but, if you open yourself to it, it will make you laugh.I must confess that at first I considered the possibility of not carrying on. It would certainly be a first, for I have never abandoned a book bef [...]

  • Toni

    I really enjoyed her previous work,House of Daughters, so I was excited to see this book . I did read it all and quickly to see how it all turns out however I can only give it 2.5. Somehow everything just misses. Tuscany is described nicely but doesn't make you want to visit as it has in other books that I have read. The widows are interesting but not enough to make them special. The "special once in a life time love" of our protagonist and her husband- I just did not feel it . Perhaps Lily is i [...]

  • Lauren Carnell

    A book with all the elements of easy reading. A good book to take the mind away, without thinking too much. Featuring a few of my favourite things, Italy, food, and love, what is not to like?

  • Vanessa

    Bwa. Goed voor op vakantie of zo.

  • Tina

    Lily Turner, an executive vice president of a big company in New York , is digging around in her husband Daniel’s closet so she can ascertain the size of his golf shoes. It was meant to be a surprise for his birthday…new golf shoes. What she found turned her life upside down. Tucked away inside the shoe was a laminated photo of Daniel, his arm around a beautiful woman and two children snuggled close. The older child looks like Daniel. Upon closer inspection, Lily realizes the photo is taken [...]

  • Caroline

    For any woman who has wanted desperately to have children only to find themselves unfathomably able to successfully bear even one, finding a photograph of your husband and a woman with 2 children who bear a similarity to him would surely be devastating. That's what Lily, career corporate woman extraordinaire had to face one morning in her husband's golf shoe.She books a flight to Tuscany, rents a car and reserves a hotel room and heads off to Tuscany to hunt down her cheating husband. But when s [...]

  • Girls Gone Reading

    Reminiscent of Under the Tuscan Sun, Dolci di Love transported me to beautiful Italy where everything-especially love- is possible.The realization that her husband has another family is, of course, devastating to Lily, but the part that spoke to me more was the realization that she had lost herself. Lily, like myself, suffers from infertility. The loss of children and the loss of motherhood is too much for Lily to bear. She has thrown herself into her work, and all of her relationships suffer fo [...]

  • Mafi

    Depois de ter acabado este livro já há algum tempo, ainda estou indecisa quanto à sua nota final. Não o adorei, portanto mais de 3 estrelas é impensável. Fico na dúvida quanto às duas e três estrelas. Bem dizem que no meio é onde está a virtude portanto deve ser mais um 2,5que arredondado dá 3. Humpf!Dolci di Love tem um título doce e amoroso e promete-nos muitas aventuras saborosas por terras italianas. O livro cumpriu o seu objectivo: ser um mero entretenimento. Eu nem esperava po [...]

  • Lauren

    Bravissima! This book was so fun for me to readI felt like I was in Italy baking Itialian Cookies, Biscotti, and enjoying all Tuscany has to offer. I could almost taste and smell the food, see the beautiful sights and felt connected to the characters and author along the way. Sarah-Kate Lynch is one of the most eloquent and humorous writers out there! I wish I could write half as well as she does! A little steamy Italian romance along the way was fun too. I loved the old ladies that were busy se [...]

  • Cassandra

    Was man in einem Golfschuh so alles finden kann ! Lily entdeckt dort ein laminiertes Foto, auf dem ihr Ehemann David mit einer Frau und zwei Kindern zu sehen ist, und das eine Kind sieht David verdammt ähnlich. Kurzentschlossen macht sie sich auf den Weg nach Italien um ihn zur Rede zu stellen.Eine uralte Bäckerei, zwei alte Schwestern, ihre Liebe für Cantucci und ein geheimer Bund von Witwen, haben mich sofort für sich eingenommen. Das Thema ungewollter Kinderlosigkeit eignet sich ja eigent [...]

  • Tina

    It took me a long time to finish this book, four years? I hate to not finish something I start. Unfortunately, I could not connect with the characters. You need to feel some emotional connection other than irritation. Lily, an alcoholic, acted as though her husband didn't exist then suddenly she is hurt and surprised by his cheating? She is so beside herself that she tracks him to Italy. Her husband Daniel was a wimp and a cheat, but in the end she took him back anyway. I kept thinking, No, don' [...]

  • Tracy

    I love Sarah-Kate Lynch's stories!! Another set of gorgeous characters, who you immediately warm to. And of course the fabulous setting! Reminiscent of Blessed are the Cheesemakers - there are a set of little old italian women (in the cheesemakers it's the Irish farmers), a character in trouble who is in need of a little nudge from some matchmakers to get their love life back on track. And all of the interesting complications that get in the way. Why mess with a winning combination? More please! [...]

  • Kristi Saunders

    I really enjoyed reading this book. Some of the characters I could really relate to, and I loved the Tuscan setting. Some of the choices of the main characters I didn't approve of, but I did like the overall message that our lives don't turn out the way we plan for the most part, so we need to do our best to find joy in whatever situation we find ourselves. I think this would make a fun book for a book club.

  • Thyago | MrsMargotBlog

    I loved this book, really like the Lily character, Violetta, Luciana and Fiorella. I could laugh a lot through the pages, but also thrilled me with the story of Lily motherhood.A story based on relationships, difficult, complicated, love of various kinds and also about forgiveness.A book that takes us to travel through the beautiful Tuscany.

  • Aletha Annema

    Lief en fijn bij thuiskomen! Aanrader Ben alleen wel benieuwd hoe het afloopt met Francesca en haar moeder Euginia. Dat blijft soort van in het midden en dat vind ik jammer. Net of het net niet helemaal af is.

  • Lisa

    this book was a big dissapointmenti feel like i have seen this movie 100 times

  • Margarida

    Docinho! E com a Toscana como pano de fundo, uma delícia!

  • Ingrid Verschelling

    Dolci d' Amore van Sarah- Kate Lynch5* een rollercoaster van emoties!Ik heb een mailtje gestuurd naar Sarah Kate Lynch in Nieuw- Zeeland en had nooit een antwoord verwacht. toch gekregen: Hi there IngridThank you so much for your email and also for your review. I think having reviews in a language I can't read is probably very good because then I just imagine they are fabulous!And I'm even more glad you read and enjoyed On Top of Everything. It's one of my favourites.CheersSarah-Kate************ [...]

  • Marilyn

    Such a heart warming, book. It is very comical, as strange as it seems, because the subject matter is quite serious, but uplifting anyway. I loved it and will find more books to read by this author.

  • Josefa Wann

    I have read several books by this author and enjoyed them all. They all deal with a specific subject, bee keeping, cheese making, bread bakers. This one is about sweets, and finding oneself in Tuscany. I liked the setting and the story.

  • Vickie

    Lily leaves New York to expose her husband, Daniel, and his secret family in Tuscany. She rents a room from two elderly sisters who have a league dedicated to matchmaking. As secrets unfold, Lily becomes the object of the league.

  • Donna

    Liked this book. Always wanted to go to Tuscany so the village and people described are very great to read about.Not as good as other books by Sarah Kate Lynch but fun to read.

  • Sabine

    Die Welt von Lily Turner bricht zusammen als sie durch Zufall im Golfschuh ihres Mannes ein laminiertes Bild findet - nicht irgendeines, sondern ein Bild ihres Mann mit einer Frau, die nicht sie ist und Kindern die nicht ihre sind. Denn Lily kann keine Kinder bekommen und dieser Umstand hat sie sich von ihrer Umgebung und den Menschen die sie liebt und die sie lieben distanzieren lassen. Sie hat sich in ihre Arbeit verkrochen und trimmt ihren Körper wie eine Maschine. Ein Kind zu bekommen war a [...]

  • Mary

    A charming book set in Italy. Warm, funny, sad, just like real life. So glad I discovered this author last year. Look forward to continue reading her previous books

  • Christina (Reading Extensively)

    When Lily Turner finds evidence of her husband's secret life (a girlfriend and two children) in his golf shoe, she has a little too much wine and decides to take a trip to Italy to see her husband without thinking it through. Brokenhearted, she somehow crosses paths with the League of Widowed Darners, a group of elderly women who make it their mission to mend hearts. With the help of these well meaning meddlers, Lily may find the peace and answers she seeks.Lily is an uptight character who has s [...]

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  • Free Download [Memoir Book] ¼ Dolci di Love - by Sarah-Kate Lynch ✓
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