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Mr Small does it all In this adventure, Engineer Small drives his little train from Tinytown to the city and back Along the way, the little train passes tunnels and stops at stations to pick up cargo and passengers.Presented in full color for the first time, Lois Lenski s The Little Train will delight a whole new generation of readers as they learn all about the ins andMr Small does it all In this adventure, Engineer Small drives his little train from Tinytown to the city and back Along the way, the little train passes tunnels and stops at stations to pick up cargo and passengers.Presented in full color for the first time, Lois Lenski s The Little Train will delight a whole new generation of readers as they learn all about the ins and outs of a working train.

  • Title: The Little Train
  • Author: Lois Lenski
  • ISBN: 9780375810718
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Lois Lenski

enpedia wiki Lois_LenskiMany of Lenski s books can be collated into series but since they don t have to be read in order, you may be better off just looking for information here librarylinoisstate uniqProbably her most famous set is the following American Regional SeriesBeginning with Bayou Suzette in 1943, Lois Lenski began writing a series of books which would become known as her regional series In the early 1940s Lenski, who suffered from periodic bouts of ill health, was told by her doctor that she needed to spend the winter months in a warmer climate than her Connecticut home As a result, Lenski and her husband Arthur Covey traveled south each fall Lenski wrote in her autobiography, On my trips south I saw the real America for the first time I saw and learned what the word region meant as I witnessed firsthand different ways of life unlike my own What interested me most was the way children were living 183.In Journey Into Childhood, Lenski wrote that she was struck by the fact that there were plenty of books that tell how children live in Alaska, Holland, China, and Mexico, but no books at all telling about the many ways children live here in the United States Bayou Suzette Strawberry Girl.Blue Ridge Billy.Judy s Journey Boom Town Boy.Cotton in My Sack Texas Tomboy.Prairie School Corn Farm Boy San Francisco Boy Flood Friday Houseboat Girl Coal Camp Girl Shoo Fly Girl.To Be a Logger Deer Valley Girl.

Comments The Little Train

  • midnightfaerie

    My kids love trains but compared to some of the others this didn't even come close to keeping them interested. Way too much information compared to the size of pictures and I had to read fast to get through all the words before their attention was elsewhere. The problem is I find most kids interested in trains are 2-3 year olds. So by the time they're old enough to understand and digest all the information about trains, they're no longer interested in trains, like my 5-yr-old. This wasn't a book [...]

  • Dianna

    So here's a fun fact: the board book edition of The Little Train is abridged. It has fewer pages and the text is less detailed and more streamlined. While as an adult I liked learning about semaphores and such in the original edition, I found myself abridging as I went along to cater to my toddler's attention span. The board book takes care of this.

  • ThatLeo

    Ding-ding! Choo-choo!!!.Again!!!

  • Aldean

    Quite an excellent little book, containing a surprising amount of technical detail on steam engines and railroad signals. I have really enjoyed reading this over and over and over again to my train-obsessed four-year-old; I certainly learned a few things in the process. Cute illustrations throughout carefully blend realism with tot-accessible simplicity.

  • Stacy

    This was a cute book for train enthusiasts.

  • H

    Good for kindergarten-age kids that are into trains

  • Brian Bates

    sweet book. one of my favorite of the small collection.

  • Sol González

    Le tengo que decir al sobrino que hay un libro de trenes.En préstamo en la OpenLibraryopenlibrary/books/OL11316

  • Rachel Collins

    Genre: Contemporary RealisticGrade Level: 3Personally, I found this hard to follow and difficult to understand. It was a nice, educational book, but some of the language was too advanced in my opinion. I had a hard time knowing what was going on in the story. If I was having trouble, I believe it would be too difficult for young children as well. The illustrations are nice. I liked that the book was little to match " The Little Train" and "Mr. Small". It was not my favorite, but maybe someone wh [...]

  • Kat

    Cute but wordy and not that exciting.

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    I hadn't heard of this book before coming across it rather randomly at a little shop in a small Ontario town, but it was rather cute and the kids love anything to do with trains and trucks etc. The story purports to be about Engineer Small and his little engine, but it's really just about the little engine and it's journey from Tiny Town to the city.The illustrations have that 1940s look to them, and rules of perspective are enthusiastically thrown out the window, but they're very engaging and t [...]

  • Avigail

    This book is delightful. The illustrations are quaint. The plot is simple: Engineer Small prepares his engine and safely conducts it - passengers, baggage, and mail included - to the next town, passing landmarks such as a drawbridge, railroad crossing, and a tunnel. Along the way, concepts such as the meaning of semaphore positions and the functioning of a steam engine are explained in clear uncomplicated terms. I learned a lot from this book, as did my son, and after multiple readings I still d [...]

  • Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob)

    Old fashioned and showing it's age. It's still neat to read especially to contrast with Rev Awdry's Thomas the Tank Engine stories which came around a few short years later. Awdry's stories end up being more fun, but, it's still neat to see the depictions of a little engine resting in a roundhouse. This is more of a book for a little train enthusiast. It goes on a bit long for small children with only a passive interest in trains.

  • Fjóla

    What I most liked about this book was all the details about the names and functions of different parts of the engine that are incorporated into the story. It describes how they prepare the train for take off. Along the way, attention is brought to the things the engineer need to watch out for, how the express train passes the little train, etc. For a simple little story, surprisingly informative. Perfect for an inquisitive 4 year old!

  • Michelle

    Published in 1940, this little book will be sure to delight kids even today, with it's charming pictures done in both black and white, and sporadic red. Train enthusiasts will appreciate the page that tells what each part of the train engine engine is called.The Little Train is all about Engine Small, his little black train, and his steam engine. It's a story about a journey that his train goes on. Train lovers will adore this book and the illustrations.

  • Jeremy Dean

    Excruciatingly technical in its detail. No child needs to know this much about how trains work unless they actually plan on being a nineteenth century engineer when they grow up. And even the most patient of adults will be tested by the mechanical monotony; it's like reading an instruction manual aloud.

  • Amy

    Henry adores this book. There's a lot of text, an awful lot, as Lenski outlines the details of how a train goes, what various people do in making it go, how it gets through a mountain, the ins and outs on a level of a three-year-old. But apparently it's the right length, because he's fascinated every time.

  • Dolly

    This is an interesting book about trains, but a little long for younger children. I was impressed that our oldest pointed out that all the names in the book were synonyms for tiny, and they all lived in Tinyville.

  • Samantha Penrose

    Its really not all that exciting to me, but the boys really love it. Its a short, sweet, simple story about engineer small and his train. We have the board book version and it has held up quite nicelyI think its been on our shelf for 5 years!

  • Rhoda Yost

    Even though this is an older book, the three year old I read this to enjoyed it very much. A slightly older child could learn the difference between trains long ago and trains now. Wonderful drawings.

  • Elanor

    All by herself!

  • Shashi

    I totally concur with "Aldean's" review, and the onomotopoeia is great too.

  • Katie


  • Mandy E

    excellent for little train enthusiasts

  • Andd Becker

    Wonderful story! Excellent illustrations!

  • Hannah

    This book was way too hard for a toddler, but will try again when my toddler is older.

  • Marina

    Engineer Small rocks!

  • Diane

    A good reader and good for kids who loves trains.

  • Heather

    A rather wordy book for being so little But H enjoyed it and we've read it many times. He especially likes the semaphores and figuring which direction is go, caution and stop.

  • Hanna

    over and over and over

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