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Long haired Scottish rock singer Spark MacDubh drops dead on a snow covered street of his native Bronzehall, only to be jolted back to life by what he calls lightning from Heaven Following Spark s resurrection, his sanity is stretched thin during waking hours, he receives instructions from deities known as the Metal Gods at night he is haunted by visions of a Devil whoLong haired Scottish rock singer Spark MacDubh drops dead on a snow covered street of his native Bronzehall, only to be jolted back to life by what he calls lightning from Heaven Following Spark s resurrection, his sanity is stretched thin during waking hours, he receives instructions from deities known as the Metal Gods at night he is haunted by visions of a Devil who wields ultimate power over the music industry Employing behaviour that swings between messianic and infernal, Spark gets his old band back together with a view to steering them towards greatness The Devil, however, only grants success in exchange for souls Unwilling to use his band s eternal souls as bargaining tools, MacDubh comes up with a preferable route to stardom put the Devil out of commission for good A simple idea but questionable in terms of practicality For starters, it requires a trip to Hell, and only the right music can open the gateway to that dimension Catch 22 More like Catch 666.

  • Title: Metallic Dreams
  • Author: MarkRice
  • ISBN: 9781446150887
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:


Born in Glasgow, Scotland Grew up in East Kilbride Began scribbling stories at age five At ten, discovered heavy metal and Douglas Adams Never looked back Rumours of a deal with the Devil at a Scottish crossroads may have been exaggerated Then again, Robert Burns saw Auld Clootie in Old Alloway KirkIn Metallic Dreams Scottish metal vocalist Spark MacDubh drops dead on a snow covered street of his native Bronzehall, only to be jolted back to life by what he describes as lightning from Heaven After the resurrection Spark s sanity wears thin During waking hours he receives psychic communications from Metal Gods By night his dreams are haunted by a Devil who wields absolute control over the music industry With behaviour swinging between messianic and infernal, Spark gets his old band back together, determined to achieve heavy metal icon status His nightmares proved prophetic, though Not only is the Devil real, he grants favours only in exchange for souls Unwilling to use his bandmates spirits as bargaining tools, MacDubh comes up with an alternative route to success put the Devil out of business A simple idea but questionable in terms of practicality For starters it requires a trip to Hell, and only the right music can open the gateway to that dimension Catch 22 More like Catch 666.The paperback is available from lulu product paperback metall.ybook MRMDpaperback.The Kindle edition is available from mybook MRMD.The Metallic Dreams facebook page facebook SparkMacDubhOn Twitter Metallic_Dreams

Comments Metallic Dreams

  • Richard

    Mark Rice is a friend of mine and someone who has an acute appreciation of my brand of humour. So I decided to find out what makes him tick by taking the plunge into the wild universe of heavy metal music. And what a plunge it was! As I said in a previous review, this is my year for reading dangerously. The controls went all the way to eleven! The prose is the product of painstaking writing and constant self-editing--Mr. Rice is an excellent proofreader and it shows. He's also a master of plot a [...]

  • Mark Rice

    It would be inappropriate to review my own book. Instead, here's a verbal exchange that occurred between me and the fearless Scottish beat poet James Pettigrew a few days after he had finished reading itENE - an East Kilbride pub (The Lee Burn), Scotland, night time.JAMES: I loved 83 chapters of Metallic Dreams, but it contains two chapters - and you know exactly the ones I'm referring to - that you should be kicked in the gonads for writing (laughing): Kicked in the gonads? Isn't that a bit har [...]

  • Maria

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. It's about a young man, Spark, who always dreamt of becoming a big name in heavy metal music. In his late teens he was part of a band 'Blood Brothers' who went their separate ways before they could make it into the big time. Some years later, Spark has a life changing experience and as a consequence he becomes determined to put his old band back together and live his dream. His belief is that the band will become successful, and he doesn't wa [...]

  • Mark Rice

    A review by The Chemical Cosmonaut:I finished reading Metallic Dreams tonight, and enjoyed it right to the end. Other reviewers can give you the literary analysis, but I was just too busy laughing out loud at the wanton rock & roll antics of Spark and his Blood Brothers. Each short chapter is based on a song title,and I'm sure heavy metal lovers will hear their own soundtrack as they race through the chapters. About two-thirds of the way through, Phil Lynott's voice and the melodies of Thin [...]

  • Godzilla

    I'm really unsure how to classify this, it seems to cover so many different genres: music features heavily, fantasy and horror are included, there's lots of sex, tales of friendship and growing up, all shot through with a rich vein of humour.Having Mark as a friend I know and recognise the influence of Zodiac Mindwarp in here, well before his acknowledgement at the book's end.However, the Mindwarpishness (it could be a word!) isn't the book's only style. At times it felt like a Irvine Welsh nov [...]

  • Darcia Helle

    This journey through the world of heavy metal offers surprising depth. Spark teaches us that growing older does not mean giving up on your dreams, and that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Of course, he does this with the flare of a slightly depraved rock star, giving a funny, often eye-popping twist to the sweetness of the theme. The characters are richly developed, the plot unique. If you're a metal fan, you'll appreciate the various music and band references. This book does con [...]

  • Anne-Marie Klein

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and the length of time it took me to finish it had more to do with my busy schedule than anything else. I appreciated the humour in it, the wonderful references to rock and heavy metal heroes I have loved (and I will say right now that I love Rush and still don't think of them as metal, so there's your rule exception!), and the wonderful ride Mark's eccentric, well-drawn characters went on.If we were on a ten point rating scale, I'd make this a 9/10, but I [...]

  • Martin Treanor

    Now - to say that a book can swing out of the mists and smack you in the teeth, is a claim many might meet with some derision but - and it is a BIG BUT (apologies for the cliche) - 'Metallic Dreams' is that book. I don't really know what I was expecting as I went in, perhaps a teenage metalhead trip - a Spinal Tap parody - maybe even a drama-esque portrayal of life on the road, complete with comely virgins and buckets of drugs - and, truth told, I got all of those - but it was just the mere ven [...]

  • Helle Gade

    I must admit that I have never read anything like Metallic Dreams before and it completely took me by surprise. I bought the book after listening to the Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson podcast where Mark was a guest star. I thought that if the girls were impressed with him and his writing, then I had to read it. The first surprise was how poetic I found the writing; it certainly wasn’t what I expected of a book full of heavy metal. It sucked me in and forced me to keep reading. The secon [...]

  • RJ

    I suspect that all of us have at least one road not taken, where we wish we could either turn back the clock for a do-over, or take a second shot at one of our dreams at a later age. Spark McDubh, the protagonist of Metallic Dreams, pursues his second shot with epic passion after a very near death experience.Spark adopted heavy metal as the soundtrack of his lifestyle at a very young age. That soundtrack moved to the foreground of his existence in his mid-teens when he started a band. But the re [...]

  • Stuart Haddon

    Rabelais Move OverIf you like your Metal Heavy, your humour eye-watering, your sex full-on and your violence uncompromising, then Mark Rice has created the perfect novel for you. This is a Rabelaisian riot of a book, an elegy to Heavy Metal, childhood, adolescence, hope, despair and joy. You can experience the story of Spark MacDubh on different levels. For the ultimate Dyson effect, just press 'play' and you will be hurtled through the chapters, spinning as you go, and shot out at the end cover [...]

  • Louise

    Completely bonkers and fantastic in the true sense of the word, but if you don't have at least an understanding of the music, you probably won't get it.Great story of friendship and growing up, with hilarious highs and lows along the way, before a final shot at chasing the dream.Throughout the book I was laughing so much it hurt. Probably not such a good idea as I'm recovering from surgery, but I don't think I've read anything that laugh-outloud funny since I discovered Tom Sharpe at age fifteen [...]

  • Peter Carroll

    Metallic Dreams tells the story of Spark McDubh; a middle-aged Scotsman whose ambitions to become a rock star are thwarted in his late teens by circumstance and the actions of others. He apparently dies on his way to work one morning and then finds himself resurrected with a new found sense of purpose - to reform the band and create a new force in the world of heavy metal. There were lots of things about this book I really liked and a couple of things I was not so keen on.It's a well-written and [...]

  • Jeff Dawson

    Let me tell you, if you ever had aspirations of becoming a "Metal Head" this will provide a most interesting road map. You are introduced to a group of hard living Scott's trying to find a way into the likes of their idols. Axel Rose, Phillip Lynott, Jimi Hendricks, White Snake, Metallica and a host of others. Each chapter of the book is a stroll down memory lane for those who lived and followed the life of the head bangers. Brings back shades of "Wayne's World." For some that might seem a bit m [...]

  • Elli Andrews

    A roller coaster ride into the life (past and present) of Spark McDubh and his band of blood brothers as they attempt to create the best rock band in history without the Devil's help.The book has a real mix of gritty realism to supernatural elements, which when reading the initial blurb I thought would be over-done and a little cheesy but the two are so superbly mixed together that I never thought that it got unrealistic despite deals with the devil, gates to hell and demons - because the book g [...]

  • Rach

    There were so many disturbing things about this book. The over-the-top graphic sexual descriptions, coupled with the amount of sex that Spark and his claimed to have, even as nobody teenagers, was pretty unbelievable. The worst encounters were the Rape, followed closely by the Redemption (or Vengeance, depending in which way you're looking at it). If you've read the book, you know what I'm talking about; if you haven't, trust me, you don't want to know more. There's also the weird flying dreams, [...]

  • Nerine Dorman

    Metallic Dreams doesn't just tread on your average person's sensibilities, this novel turns the volume up full blast and goes in with a raging boner. You have been warned. Mark Rice taught me some incredibly colourful language, and I will *never* quite be able to look at Polyfilla in the same way. "Not for the faint-hearted" is possibly the understatement of the year, and I consider myself fairly open-minded but there were even a few scenes that sent my eyebrows shooting way up my forehead.But, [...]

  • Michael

    Mark Rice's 'Metallic Dreams' was right in my wheelhouse - basically being a horroresque story about a middle-age Scottish Heavy Metal singer named Spark McDubh (great name!) who dies, swears his resurrection was brought about by none other than The Metal Gods and then feels it is fated that he get his old band Blood Brothers back together after everything fell apart about 20 years earlier so they can redefine Heavy Metal. The novel is loaded with Metal references - including each of the book's [...]

  • Kathrin Hutson

    If there was an option to give this book 10 out of 5 stars, I would. I'll just have to settle with 5.'Metallic Dreams' is an epically proportioned tale of Heavy Metal, drinking, sex, drugs, violence, insanity, and brushes with Hellish oblivion. What makes it stand above all others of its kind (if one can even truly say it has a "kind" - I say it stands alone) is that those are only the assumed requisites of the Heavy Metal world. The book's true focus is on hope, love without restriction, brothe [...]

  • Charity Parkerson

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began, “Metallic Dreams”, and I’m still not sure that I could categorize it. I loved this book from beginning to end. It is a wonderful mixture of Urban-Fantasy, humor, and relatable characters. I laughed several times, and it hooked from the very beginning. Spark MacDubh falls dead in the snow one night, but is given a second chance by the Metal Gods. Driven by a new purpose, Spark sets out to get his old band back together, only to have his success m [...]

  • Simon

    All hail the Metal Gods or so the lead character in this laugh a minute book would like you to believe. So its a shame that Spark MacDubb a wannabe Scottish rock singer drops dead on a snow-covered street before his dream materialized, the end!! Or it would have been but for the intervention by what he calls lightning from Heaven that Sparked (pun intended) MacDubb back to life. Thinking it’s the work of the metal gods and that he is receiving their instructions Spark gets his old band back to [...]

  • Christi Fowler

    I wanted to like this book but just couldn't get into it. It was hilarious but I just couldn't stay with it. It's very rare that I can't (won't) finish a book but this one was just slow and meandering. I was over 15% through (almost 20%) when I decided to stop. It hadn't gone anywhere by this point. The only thing that kept me trying was the humor which was laugh out loud at times. The language, situations, and characters were what made it, I just got bored with the story.

  • Rachel Burton

    I very rarely give up on books but this one i just had to. The concept of a heavy metal band (who inexplicably have a bass player who mimes playing bass) selling their souls to the devil is an old one but a gold one. But I despise overly complicated subplots and badly written sex scenes and this is full of them.Two stars because the character of Spark is pretty cool. Just not cool enough to keep me reading.

  • Nicole

    I really tried to read this but I couldn't get along with this. That's probably to do with the fact that I don't like metal music and have a) no frame of reference for and b) no interest in the bands/songs mentioned in the book.

  • Heather

    I'm never going to Florida.

  • Stephen Ormsby

    Loved it. Heavy metal music, demons and the ever-present Spark. All of them running around on this demonic bent to heavy metal heaven. A great fun, depraved run.

  • Tom

    surprised how much I enjoyed this one, had it on my kindle for ages and kept putting it off.One of the funniest books I've read in a while

  • Dan

    ¡Very Metal!

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