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By Heidi Ashworth | Comments: ( 157 ) | Date: ( Apr 08, 2020 )

Ginny Delacourt felt the course of true love could not have run smoother After all, it required only a fortnight, a pair of highwaymen, a pox quarantine, a sham betrothal, and a masquerade ball to bring Sir Anthony up to snuff When her beloved suddenly becomes the heir to his uncle, the Duke of Marcross, protocol dictates that he drop the Sir from his name It s his unGinny Delacourt felt the course of true love could not have run smoother After all, it required only a fortnight, a pair of highwaymen, a pox quarantine, a sham betrothal, and a masquerade ball to bring Sir Anthony up to snuff When her beloved suddenly becomes the heir to his uncle, the Duke of Marcross, protocol dictates that he drop the Sir from his name It s his uncle who insists Ginny, daughter of a lowly vicar, is not the proper bride for a future duke.Lucinda and Lord Avery arrive on the scene to stir up trouble, and Ginny s normally manipulative Grandaunt Regina seems helpless to arrange anything, least of all a frowned upon wedding It s up to Anthony, with help from his fussy valet, to see to it that Ginny has her day The road to true love just got a little bumpier.

  • Title: Miss Delacourt Has Her Day
  • Author: Heidi Ashworth
  • ISBN: 9780803477162
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Heidi Ashworth

Heidi Ashworth, best selling, award winning author of traditional regency romance, lives in the San Francisco bay area, but she lost her heart across the pond when she was very young She read her first regency romance when she was four years old just a few words, but it was enough The first one she wrote took place in Paris circa 1974 but such gaffes are mere trifles when you are only ten Since then she has sharpened her skills and garnered a few accolades Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind hit the number one spot on several of s regency romance lists in both the U.S and England, while its sequel earned a finalist position in the Whitney Awards both are available via Montlake Romance.Her novella, It Happened Twelfth Night, is one of six short stories in the first volume of the award winning, best selling series, A Timeless Romance Anthology, via Mirror Press, and the third book in her Miss Delacourt series, Lord Haversham Takes Command, was re released in a box set entitled Every Hope A Triple Treat Romance , in December 2014, also via Mirror Press Her latest in the Miss Delacourt series, Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice, garnered a 4.5 star Crowned Heart review from InD tale Magazine and is currently a 2015 RONE Award finalist Coming December 2015, A Midwinter Ball from the Timeless Regency Collection by Mirror Press and O er the River Liffey in June 2016.

Comments Miss Delacourt Has Her Day

  • Katie W

    I love a good regency romance. This sequel picks up right where the previous book left off. Ginny and Sir Anthony are ready to announce their upcoming marriage when he becomes a titled man. His uncle doesn't believe that Ginny is duchess material and he requires Anthony to perform three almost impossible tasks before he can marry her. Meanwhile, Ginny is struggling to find balance in becoming the kind of person she is and one whom she thinks she should be.Fun characters in a fun setting.

  • Rebecca Irvine

    A few years ago I read Heidi Ashworth's regency romance Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind (see my review here) and fell in love with the two main characters, Ginny Delacourt and Sir Anthony. I had honestly thought Ashworth had set the book up for a possible sequel, and made mention of this in a comment on her blog, only to learn that was not the case. But Heidi was intrigued by the idea and set to work on what is now affectionately known as MD2 (for Miss Delacout 2). Well, finally, that dream has c [...]

  • Lara

    What girl doesn't love curling up with a good Jane Austen? Okay, so I know a few who haven't discovered just how wonderful that can be, but I know a good portion of you will totally understand my love for Austen and my need to re-read all her novels every few years.That said, I can't say that I have ever in my life read a Regency Romance by any other author. In fact, I can't even say that I knew such books existed! And then, one of my very favorite bloggists in all of Blogdania, Heidi Ashworth, [...]

  • Sophie

    This was AMAZING!! I probably prefer the first one, because it is all about the courtship of the lovely Sir Anthony and Ginny, this sequel is still wonderful and a great read!! With some of the original characters making another appearance, as well as some unwelcome new additions, it all adds to making this a Wonderful book with an interesting story!! When Sir Anthony's Uncle, the Duke of Marcross, hears of his sons attachment to a certain Miss Delacourt, he calls Anthony to him as he is not the [...]

  • Braden Bell

    I admired Heidi's research. The world she created felt real and dimensional to me, and she balanced description with moving the plot along in an admirable way. That is difficult to do. The book was funny. I laughed out loud in several places--something I love doing but that very rarely happens. Heidi's very dry humor sparkles through. I also enjoyed the plot. It was clever and inventive. Because I don't read a lot of romance, Regency or otherwise, I am not an expert. But my guess is that this pl [...]

  • Rachel Cotterill

    Miss Delacourt Has Her Day is a sweet historical romance set mostly in London during the Regency period. I have to confess I was a teensy bit nervous of reading a book set in England, written by an American author, but with hindsight I realise that was silly - I haven't been to this London any more than Heidi has.On the other hand, how much has changed? In the year when Britain will watch an heir to the throne marry a girl that the newspapers politely refer to as "a commoner," there's something [...]

  • Pat

    First, you have to knowI was a hard core Nancy Drew fan in my childhood and graduated to Agatha Christie and other sleuths for my adult reading escapism(no "romance"novels for me!)d although I was an English major (and teacher)I just never fell in love with Jane Austin(I was more into the Brontes) fact when we read P & P for book club last year, I listened to the Audible version (although I bought the annotated book and loved reading the footnotes!)d after about three hours I set my phone o [...]

  • Rosanne Lortz

    Miss Delacourt Has Her Day is a sequel to Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, but it felt almost like Part II of the same book. After Ginny Delacourt and Anthony Crenshaw's engagement, Anthony finds out to his chagrin that the death of his cousin means he will be the next Duke of Marcrossd Ginny is not on the approved list to be a duchess. While his mother does everything she can to sabotage Ginny's social success in London, Anthony's uncle sets him three herculean challenges (Regency-style) that he [...]

  • Terresa

    What does a carriage race, boxing match, and balloon ride have in common? They all take place in Heidi Ashworth's Miss Delacourt Has Her Day.Although it took me disastrously long to read (however slim, clocking in at 186 pages), I blame life and its frequent interruptions, not any lack on Ashworth's part, for the story contained plenty of fizz and pop.For quotable quotes, Delacourt did not disappoint: "Crenshaw's do nothing by halves . . ." (p. 10) “However, where there are horses, there are f [...]

  • Melinda

    I really loved this! I so enjoyed the first book and the second is just as enjoyable! Anthony is so sweet and you just love him for how he loves Ginny! I do hate in any book when there are a bunch of problems based off of miscommunication, and that happens quite a lot here. But it's done in a believable albeit frustrating way! Haha (this is obviously a personal thing, I just hate it when bad things happen because people aren't willing to tell each other how they feel!) :) Fun, light, sweet. Good [...]

  • Jacquelyn

    What if "Happily Ever After" took a little detour? Due to circumstances beyond their control, the attachment between Miss Delacourt and her hero has been deemed unsuitable. Can wit and charm support these two delightful characters through this difficult challenge? Never fear! The handsome suitor, formerly known as Sir Anthony, has been given a series of tasks to complete in order to win his bride. Despite the machinations of those around them, our star-crossed lovers remain trued thank heavens t [...]

  • Wanda Luce

    In Miss Delacourt Has Her Day those who were sorry to see Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind end get a double dose of Regency-era romance. Heidi Ashworth has a finely-honed skill in writing the language of Regency England, and no less of a talent for imbuing her stories with wit and attention to detail. The romance between Lord Crenshaw and Miss Dealcourt sparkles at every turn. I look forward to reading more my this author.

  • Jami

    In general, I'm against sequels in romance. Most characters just do not have the oomph to make it through a sequel credibly. Miss Delacourt and Sir Anthony do. Grandaunt Regina and Lucinda do. Miss Delacourt Has Her Day maintains the Ashworth sparkle without taking itself too seriously. It's filled with fun and romance and longing and doubts and clothes and banter and obnoxious relatives and sweet resolution. I love this book.

  • Brenda

    Heidi Ashworth has done it again. I loved revisiting Regency England and old friends Sir Anthony and Ginny. Sir Anthony is unhappy to learn he is next in line to inherit the title and Ginny isn't quite what the family is looking for as his bride. Anthony has to jump through hoops to have the chance of marrying his recently betrothed. I was transported to England, back through time, and laughed out loud. The romance was sweet, fun, and kept a smile on my face until the last page:)

  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)

    Miss Delacourt has found true love, but will she still get her happily ever after? There are several individuals who are determined that she not, including the soon-to-be mother-in-law, uncle, and a former love. This was an enjoyable sequel. The banter is still rather humorous and witty, which is why these books are so enjoyable. Also a clean read.

  • Alana

    i really enjoyed the story. loved the three tasks and how anthony end up accomplishing them. one thing i didn't really care for was how weepy ginny and granaunt were in the beginning. it just didn't seem to fit their personalities. that aside, conti and anthony's interactions were halrious. lady derby was a great 'i love to hate' character. can't wait for another story!

  • Heather

    It's not often I read a sequel and want to go back and read the first book. This is the case with Miss Delacourt Has Her Day, although Ashworth did a great job of dropping in just enough information so the reader knows how Anthony & Ginny got together in the first place.The secondary characters were well-done, especially Lord Avery and Lucinda--they were a riot.

  • LuAnn

    A wonderfully told Regency. I loved the characters and the twists in the plot were quite fun. There was only one detail I questioned: why have Caesar in his Rome, yet put Romeo & Juliet in Venice when in fact they resided in Verona, as any student of the play will know. The only glaring error I saw. I hope to go back to read the earlier book from this author. Highly recommend.

  • Shannon

    I immensely enjoyed this sequel to "Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind". If you haven't read that one, I highly recommend it as well. I loved the cover on the book - so beautiful. I read on a long road trip and enjoyed spending "time" with the characters again.

  • Jen

    I rarely enjoy sequels to books because I always end up disappointed. This book was just as great as the first book. The characters were like old friends I had missed. I was sad when the book ended. Not because of the ending but because I didn't want the story to end!

  • Emily

    This book put me in mind of Georgette Heyer, shorter but still had the fun antics and delightful ending!

  • Sheila

    I liked this second book better than the first. A good, quick, fast read.

  • Mary

    Just as good as the first book in the series. Anthony and Ginny overcome all manner of obstacles on the way to their wedding. Will there be a third book?

  • Janelle

    The perfect book for all you Royal Wedding enthusiasts.

  • Wendy Woehl

    This was a fun read. I liked it even better than the first book!

  • Gayle

    This is a fun Regency story, although at times I thought some of it seemed a bit over-the-top. Lots of humorous situations and crazy characters.

  • Lisa

    Great book! I was so excited when Heidi came out with this book. I enjoyed the characters and loved the story line.

  • QNPoohBear

    Having returned to London, Sir Anthony and Miss Delacourt are eagerly planning a small, intimate wedding in the rose garden at Ginny's Grandaunt Regina's home in the country. Ginny is trying her hardest to become a proper lady while Anthony misses his shrew. Then Sir Anthony receives a letter from his uncle, a Duke, stating Anthony's cousin has died and Anthony is now the heir. Dismayed, Anthony rushes to his uncle's bedside where his uncle proceeds to harangue Anthony about his choice of bride. [...]

  • K Stockdale

    I was not terribly excited to read this book, since the first was not my favorite. However as I began reading I found myself enjoying the story much more than its predecessor. Unfortunately, this did not last. There were some laugh-out-loud moments and it was interesting to learn how the challenges were to be dealt with, but in the end it wasn't enough. Miss Delacourt did NOT have her day- her character was flat and dismal and she never had a moment when she actually DID something. Lucinda's cha [...]

  • Julie

    I am a big Jane Austen fan and I love the way this author's style is so reminiscent of hers. This is a historical romance through and through, but it does have a bit of adventure to it, in the fact that our hero Anthony is called upon to really work for the woman he loves.When I picked up this book I didn't realize that it is a sequel to Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind. If I had known that I probably would have read that one first, since I think that the reading experience I had with Miss Delacou [...]

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