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By Hidenori Kusaka Mato | Comments: ( 831 ) | Date: ( Jun 05, 2020 )

Team Rocket is out to get Green, and the heroes rush to her defense But when they find out their new ally has stolen something valuable from Team Rocket, they must teach her why a true Pokemon trainer doesn t steal even from bad guys Next, Erika sends Red out to find Eevee Red s got some new high tech devices thanks to Bill, Professor Oak s rival, but will they proteTeam Rocket is out to get Green, and the heroes rush to her defense But when they find out their new ally has stolen something valuable from Team Rocket, they must teach her why a true Pokemon trainer doesn t steal even from bad guys Next, Erika sends Red out to find Eevee Red s got some new high tech devices thanks to Bill, Professor Oak s rival, but will they protect him from the angry Nidoking he encounters in the Safari Zone

  • Title: Pokemon Adventures: Volume 2: Legendary Pokemon
  • Author: Hidenori Kusaka Mato
  • ISBN: 9781569315088
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Hidenori Kusaka Mato

Created the Pokemon Adventures series.Also made a Pokemon Rangers Almia manga It is based on the game Pokemon Rangers, Shadows of Almia

Comments Pokemon Adventures: Volume 2: Legendary Pokemon

  • Courtney

    Vol. 2 in the pokemon Adventures series, this volume follows the continuing adventures of Red as he sets out into the world on his way to becoming a pokemon master. Through his journeys he encounters a variety of people, making friends - and enemies - as he goes. From an run-in with a con-artist that leads to discovering the legendary Mew, to slowly unearthing Team Rocket's evil plots the action never ends for the young hero. ~*~*~*~*~While I definitely feel nostalgic towards the pokemon 'verse [...]

  • Maike

    I loved the second volume of Pokemon adventures. This volume seems to get more into the story of team Rocket as the antagonist. However, the story seems to go very fast compared to volume one. Suddenly everyhing is about team Rocket and the pokemon they experiment on and the story of Mew and Mewto. Also Green is introduced as a character in this volume, but I don't find her very likeable. However, despite this the volume was a lot of fun to read because of the introduction of the new pokemon and [...]

  • Emmy

    A classic series from my childhood! I found this volume at a used book sale, and even though I would have liked to read them in order, I had no trouble finding my place in this one first.

  • James Dunphy

    Volume 2 of Pokemon Adventures picks up immediately after the first one, following Red through the later half of the Kanto region. The story quickly becomes centered around Red and Blue's (now helped by a feisty thieving Green) war against Team Rocket. The normal game quest to obtain the 8 badges gets a bit obscured in this volume post Red's battle with Erica, but this is ok because the manga incorporates Koga, Sabrina, and a renegade Blaine, all as upper level members of the Team Rocket organiz [...]

  • Juan Contreras

    I LOVE THIS BOOK. BUT i dont like it that he met all legandary birds and did not catch them when they were weak. I tought it was funny when Red and blue hit each and mixed theur pokemon so red treated nice but Blue trained hard so they became better pokemon. I hope in the next book Red, Blue and Green try to stop team rocket of destroying pokemon

  • Eric Mikols

    I'm willing to admit that nostalgia is carrying this book for me, but it's well done and entertaining enough that's it's hard not to like. I can also see why this book series is as popular as it is, I would have loved this when I was a kid.

  • Fraser

    This was another brilliant book

  • Alvaro Acevedo Barrios

    Me acabo de dar cuenta que le estoy dando 4 a todo lo que leo :/

  • AlolanNinetales

    I love this poke#Big Pokemon fan.Can't wait until generation 7 comes out this 2016 in November!!!

  • B.Guevara

    The Beginning of PokemonIn the book The Beginning of Pokemon by Kunihiko Yuyama(The 1st of a never ending serie) a fictional story where mythical creatures interact with humanity where one has the opportunity to capture pokemon and train them and as one gains experience you can set off to do gym battle and show all you got.The story starts off in a small place called Canto a kid that went by the name Red was a kid so magnificent with phenomenal skills that nominated the kid championship and late [...]

  • João Figueiredo


  • Selena

    When I think Team Rocket, I don't normally think these BAMF's. I usually think of the lovably useless Jessie and James. I think that's what makes this batch of competent Team Rocket members so much scarier, though the idea of a ten year old kicking their butts is made even more silly. These guys are evil, though, and have no qualms with direct attacks on trainers.Once again, I must have missed a lot when I read these in their chapter-by-chapter comic book issue release format back in the day. As [...]

  • Leanne

    Like the first volume, to me this book was just "okay." The battle system makes little sense, the stories never really have a chance to developd yet I read it, and will read volume three. There's something about it that draws me in (perhaps it's just my love of Pokemon), but objectively this manga just isn't great. Hopefully it picks up more soon, but for now I'd only recommend it to a big PokeFan.

  • John Streifel

    *Review in first volume*But there is one more thing that i really liked about these books, how there is a map of his adventure in the back. Pokemon is probably the hardest story to follow location wise and that map helped out a ton. This book was also better than the last and made things more clear and actually had a point to it.

  • Lola Croft

    I'm really enjoying reading pokemon and following Red's adventures for a change. this is bringing it all back to me and I love how forward and realistic it can be in places too. being able to see the pokemon in the ball is a nice touch too.

  • Michael (Red)


  • Troy

    Really starting to get into this series now. The story is picking up and the illustrations are beautiful. Really fun to read.

  • Robby

    If you like Pokemon just go ahead and read it. Can't believe it took me so long to start reading the manga. You won't be disappointed.

  • Ivan M. Meyette JR.

    Good bookDeserves 10 starsVery entertaining Recommend to children or Pokemon fansEnjoyed every chapter and I am caught on the series

  • Alan O'Keeffe

    The second volume of the Pokemon Adventures manga is just as good as the first. A must read for video game fans.

  • Atharva Shah

    nga ReviewPokemon Adventures Special Volume 1-3Red, Blue, Green Arc (RGB) Its so good to see the Pokemon that we saw on TV and played with on Gameboy up front on paper (or the kindle screen). The manga is seriously a total hit with brand new characters and their journey in the Kanto region. This Manga arc shows the journey of Red, his rival Blue and a Pokemon theif Green across various towns as they encounter various powerful and unique Pokemon and their battle against gym leaders and the villai [...]

  • Lawson H.

    In the second volume of “Pokemon Adventures” (vol. 2), Red continues his adventure as a pokemon trainer. At the start of the book, Red meets a new character named Green. He finds out she’s quite a mischievous figure, and trains more of his Pokémon. Also, Red learns more about the horrible Team Rocket, a group of villains that does bad experiments on Pokémon. While exploring for Pokémon with Green, Red finds out what one of Team Rockets goals was. To catch the Mystery Creature Mew. They [...]

  • Gabriel da Silva

    Ainda fico meio chocado com os Pokémon literalmente morrendo nesse mangá, bem mais agressivo do que no anime (fatiados como um salame, na maioria das vezes). No final do volume é dito que Red tem 4 insígnias, mas ou eu dormi e não vi a última ou ela simplesmente não foi mostrada. Claro que é bom ter uma história paralela à conquista das insígnias, assim como ocorre nos jogos, mas acho que acabaram deixando esse plot muito de lado. É legal ver as personagens passando pelos mesmos perr [...]

  • Pi Mongkhonvanit

    In this book there is one main character named Red. He is a Pokemon trainer that wants to be a Pokemon master. Along the way Red caught Pikachu and Poliwhirl. He's very good at battling and having fun all the time. The first Pokemon fight is Red Vs Blue. Blue is a very strong trainer and very popular. Then when time past Red became a league champion and beat Blue. Then one day he vanished on top of the mountain. The reader is left wondering did he die or are Red and his Pokemon still training?

  • Ovary Scary

    yes, i was right. the battle between team rocket and red has started. if i'm right, green will be apart of it as well. i can't wait to see how it turns out. but also, why are all the gym leaders part of team rocket? is this something that's going to be resolved? he's only gotten two badges, so something has to happen for him to get the others, right?

  • Srivathsav Kurra

    this book is amazing i love this book this book is all about pokemons. i love pokemon too. the weird thing is that this book is read from right side and end in left side. but ashs journey is incomplete.

  • Navneeth

    it is a really adventure bookred and his team

  • Ian

    The adventures of red start now volume 2 with more team rocket chasing after mew making a new pokemon.How can red stop this read the book to find out there is 213 pages.

  • Lauren

    Enjoyed this immensely.

  • shakwan

    Pokémon sun and moon

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Pokemon Adventures: Volume 2: Legendary Pokemon | by ´ Hidenori Kusaka Mato
    111 Hidenori Kusaka Mato
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