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For 30 brand new recipes and expanded Tips and Techniques , check out The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, on sale now.This is the classic that started it all Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day has now sold hundreds of thousands of copies With than half a million copies of their books in print, Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois have proven that people want toFor 30 brand new recipes and expanded Tips and Techniques , check out The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, on sale now.This is the classic that started it all Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day has now sold hundreds of thousands of copies With than half a million copies of their books in print, Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois have proven that people want to bake their own bread, so long as they can do it easily and quickly.Crusty baguettes, mouth watering pizzas, hearty sandwich loaves, and even buttery pastries can easily become part of your own personal menu, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day will teach you everything you need to know, opening the eyes of any potential baker.

  • Title: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
  • Author: Jeff Hertzberg Zoë François Mark Luinenburg
  • ISBN: 9780312362911
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Jeff Hertzberg Zoë François Mark Luinenburg

Jeff Hertzberg is a physician with 20 years of experience in health care as a practitioner, consultant, faculty member at the University of Minnesota Medical School His interests in baking preventive health sparked a quest to apply the techniques of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day to healthier ingredients He lives in Minneapolis with his wife two daughters from the author s websiteuscmillan author jeffhe

Comments Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking

  • Punk

    Cookbook. Here's the deal, you take flour, warm water, salt, and yeast. Toss it in a bowl, stir a little. You're done. Let the bowl sit on the counter for two hours and you can grab a hunk of dough, shape it into a ball and bake it. Seriously, it's that easy. Put that bowl of dough in the fridge and it will last for days, and you can make pretty much anything out of it, sometimes three or four servings of anything, and you'd never know it was no-knead bread.This book explains the theory behind t [...]

  • Ruth

    My first batch of dough is now in the fridge ready for our first loaf in the morning. I know purists may scoff at the premise of this book, but if this is a way I can have real bread each day, with that great smell in the morning, and my kids eat it, then rock on. Josh loved to see how much the dough rose.The idea is to make a big wet batch of dough that you keep in the fridge for a week, taking off a chunk each morning and cooking it. Taking the "no-knead" idea one more step.***Update - yum! Gr [...]

  • Jessica

    Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! It works! I now have a bucket of dough in my fridge from which at any time, day or night, I can tear off a chunk, slap it on a baking sheet, and raise and bake a loaf of bread! And not just any bread: Lovely, crunchy-crusted, soft-middled bakery quality bread! Hertzberg and his co-author (who is the actual chef. He is, weirdly enough, an MD who just really loves carbs.) have totally simplified the recipes and changed up the method so that you can mix, s [...]

  • Teri

    The theory here is that you make a big batch of dough one day then stick it in your fridge for up to 2 weeks (it becomes more like sourdough the longer it is in there) then it is ready when you want it, hence the 5 minutes a day. It's an amazingly simple recipe with no kneading required (my favorite feature), however it is "artisan bread" so I have to remind myself not to expect a big loaf of soft crusted wheat bread. My results were good though. A little round loaf with crusty outside and chewy [...]

  • Rachel

    I LOVE to bake bread. I confess, I am a breadaholic. I received this book as a Christmas gift from my mom and have to admit, I was skeptical whether it would deliver on the promises it makes. I am used to making a sourdough which demands time (2 days), attention, and fiddling with started. etc.Oh my gosh! Does this book deliver! I mixed up my first batch last night, let it sit in the fridge, baked my first two boules todaye BEST bread I have ever baked! And I bake a lot of bread! The outside is [...]

  • Darby

    This book is getting 5 stars although I wished it had 4 1/2 because I feel the title is misleading (not really 5 minutes a day). Otherwise this book is FANTASTIC. It is one I would like to own. I have only made the master recipe so far but it worked really well. I even did them in loaf pans instead of free form and also used it for a pan of cinnamon rolls. I have a bread machine that I love and use often but what stops me from using it a lot is - time even though it does save time. With this boo [...]

  • Jeff

    A dough recipe that you can make in large batches and refrigerate!The process is a little different from making traditional doughs, but it's streamlined.It's perfect for somebody who wants a loaf of bread in 30 minutes instead of 2.5 hours. I find that I'm not willing to put in that much time/effort all at once unless it's a weekend.The book centers itself around one master recipe, and the other recipes are versatile modifications. I've baked 8 loaves of the master recipe and haven't gotten sick [...]

  • Blair

    I wonder if the book tastes better than the bread, because three of three loaves from the master recipe tasted like newspaper.Preheat your oven, lower your expectations, and prepare to taste disappointment.

  • Audrey

    Five minutes a day is a bald-faced lie but I suppose if you count only the minutes your hands are actually on the dough, it's probably around five minutes. The directions for making the dough is confusing at first (what's a gluten cloak?) but once you get the hang of it, it's all good. Most of the breads came out fantastic - a crunchy outer crust and a nice, firm but moist inside with a nice chewiness to it. The authors recommend a bunch of baking equipment (from Williams-Sonoma, I believe) but [...]

  • Shawn

    I love making bread and have several bread recipes, but none were for a good crusty artisan loaf until I tried the "Master Recipe" in this book. I've made it several times now and I love the results I get. It is the only recipe I've made so far but I'm happy to give the book four stars based on that alone. I will try the pretzel recipe as well but even if I go no further, this book gave me what I wanted.So why only four stars? Mainly because the high level of detail the authors give the recipe h [...]

  • Micah Wallace

    First, the positive: this is the book that started me baking bread. A complete baking novice, I read the article in Mother Earth News, bought the book, and found that it really was an easy, fool-proof recipe. The idea of keeping a large amount of dough in the fridge to use as needed is the most useful idea in the book. And it's not bad bread. But it could easily be better. Cut back on the yeast, cut back on the salt, and give the initial rise more time. The flavor improves, the crumb opens up an [...]

  • Laura

    The Master Recipe in this book makes baking delicious fresh bread daily so easy you will not believe it. I purchased this book back when it first came out in 2007 and loved the process. During several years of sad low carb living the cookbook languished on the book shelf. Pulled it back out and voila! On my third batch and week of delicious bread daily. My family is ecstatic. In addition to the master recipe I now tried the Rye and the Portugese corn bread; all delicious. Last weekend I brought [...]

  • Zomick'sBakery

    Yes, that's right, the title is right - baking bread in five minutes. I discovered this cookbook from a friend of mine who is also a baker at Zomick's. Some 4 years ago when I first read it, I found a real jewel of a recipe. It was an old challah recipe that traditionally originated from Eastern Europe. Till this day I'm still offering that challah bread on the shelves at Zomick's bakery. And that is just one example; there are plenty of recipes I've tried and all are excelent.

  • Heather

    The smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house has got to be one of the most comforting, tantalizing aromas ever. It gets the taste buds tingling and the mouth watering in anticipation. And it makes me happy. Very, VERY happy. This book makes baking artisan bread a total breeze. Seriously. The most difficult part of the process is getting set-up with the proper equipment needed to mix, house, and bake the bread dough. And that really isn’t difficult at all although, maybe a little [...]

  • Jean

    I received this book for Christmas and knew nothing about it. I thought the title sounded a little gimmicky and was not overly excited although I do like fresh baked bread. The first recipe I tried was a Rye & Coffee bread. It was AMAZING - it came out looking fresh & professional and tasted fantastic. In the past I have made bread from various recipes, usually ones online that I can never find again and only turn out well 50% of the time. The idea of baking bread on a stone instead of i [...]

  • Tia Hall

    Truly, this was a life-altering book. Life altering, you say?? Yes! Imagine Tom Hanks in that scene from Castaway, where he beats his chest and yells "I have made fire." Well, that was me, yelling "I have made bread," while my husband rolls his eyes and I eat another slice of the most wonderful bread I have ever eaten. And it seems ridiculous that I can make bread that tastes so fantastic in my own oven at home in 5 minutes. But I can!! I have been making bread for years in my Bosch, but this is [...]

  • Mel

    For years I've attempted bread, only to be bitterly disappointed at the leaden loaves I've produced. This is the first bread recipe which has actually worked for me. Not only does my bread look delicious but it tastes wonderful and it actually looks like artisan bread, down to the "bubbles" inside the loaf itself. The only problem with this book is that now I'm eating much more bread than I really should. I console myself with the fact that I'm probably saving a lot of money and I know each and [...]

  • Alexia Chantel

    Great recipes and wonderful tips! Borrowed this book from the library and loved it so much I went out and bought a copy. Now my family enjoys fresh bread every week.

  • Todd

    If you want to learn how to bake artisan bread without too much effort, you HAVE to own this book. Absolutely worth every penny.

  • Rob

    I was looking for a more general book about "bread wisdom" when it comes to baking rustic artisanal loaves etc. Instead this book leans gimmicky w/r/t/ delivering on the title's promise. You're making bread, but you're making a specific type of moist no-knead dough that you store in the refrigerator so that you can break off chunks every day and have small super-fresh loaves.This is not a bad thing, this just isn't what I'm looking for vis-à-vis bread knowledge at this time in my personal quest [...]

  • Jeannine

    Ok, here's the thing.This is a great method for baking bread and the results in my own kitchen have been nothing short of astonishing.But it doesn't take "5 minutes a day".It takes more like 10 minutes, once a week to mix a batch of dough which will yield about 4 loaves.Once the batch of dough is mixed, it will rise for about 2 hours, after which you put it in the fridge and then you can pull from this batch during the week to make individual loaves of bread.To bake a loaf, you pull off some dou [...]

  • Leila

    Here is a cookbook not only devoted to bread, but determined to present a way of making bread that is both easy and understandable for all of us.A friend counts bread as her major temptation and admitted vice. No one raised--yeah, I had to say that--in the Western hemisphere can abjure the lovely, fragrant substance entirely. While a number of recent diet plans leave bread out, sooner or later one will be drawn back to the tradition of eating bread. It's hard to make a sandwich between two slice [...]

  • Rebecca

    Looked this book up in the library after visiting with my sister-in-law and having her amazing homemade pizza. It's going on our wishlist now. This was the best success I've had to making artisan bread at home, and their website goes further to help troubleshoot should you have any problems with the process. I made one (small) loaf after the first rise the first day, two loaves after the dough had been in the fridge for a few days, and a pizza tonight. So good.It is a bit misleading (I think) to [...]

  • Escroston

    First, I am not a baker. I love to cook and not follow directions to the tee. With baking you have to. I was frustrated that I was not very good at baking - I was given a bread machine years ago - used it a lot at first but was never really satisfied with the bread or just the dough that came out of it. I searched for a long time - trying diffferent recipes from different sources. Most books were too technical for me - things took too long - I did not have the patience. Then I read this book - I [...]

  • Jennifer

    I love this book. Having discovered The Tassajara Bread Book, I developed a renewed love for freshly baked bread. It's just so good, and so much better than buying pre-sliced loaves. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes feels a bit like cheating. It removes you from the process of making bread--the kneading and waiting--that I quite enjoy. But it also allows me to enjoy fresh baked bread more often--it's just not possible for me to bake a fresh loaf of bread in the middle of the work week. This is wher [...]

  • Sharon

    NOTE: depending on the version or book you have, your book may have errors in it. Go to the author's website: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and follow the "errors" link. I did and just wrote the changes in my book.This premise is not super convenient for the working chef with more than a 5 minute commute! Case in point: even having the dough 'ready' in the fridge, it still needs to warm up a bit and rest, and then bake. So since I work until 5, commute 45 minutes, and don't want to eat at [...]

  • Brad

    The basic idea here is to make a batch of dough that will stay in the fridge, then to pull off grapefruit-sized pieces to bake for your fresh bread when you want it. Pretty neat, and there were many tasty-sounding recipes that I want to try. We picked it up from the library, but will probably purchase it because there is no other good way to try all of the recipes and make notes in-book about our thoughts and modifications.Rating: PG, for suggestions of strong drinks to go with different breads [...]

  • Elizabeth Theiss

    I thought myself very clever when I bought this book for my former professional baker husband. What could be better than a book that teaches you how to bake fabulous slow-rise bread while saving time and money? Turns out, he had been using this method for years because he likes to sleep late. His baguettes are by far the best I've ever tasted (cf reviews for Mr. Smith's Bakery Cafe), so I highly recommend this unread book.

  • Felicia A

    What's not to like about baking your own damn bread? I am POWERFUL, I am the shiznitt for sure. My house smells like a bakery, my man and kids and neighbors are impressed, and when the world ends, I won't die without Wonder Bread. Hear me roar.Have tried several different recipies and all have been splendid. Do me a favor? Have a sandwich on a slice of bread that you made yourself from scratch and tell me if you will never, ever, ever eat at Subway again. Do it right now!

  • Deborah

    I have wanted to read this cookbook for a looong time. Good thing we're not gluten free because this bread it diviiiine! If we never move past the basic recipe, I don't think anyone would care, but there are so many delicious breads to try! It really is very little work to make delicious breads! Oh and you don't even need the fancy tools that they recommend having. I don't have them and our bread was wonderful!

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