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By Emily Drake | Comments: ( 812 ) | Date: ( Jan 28, 2020 )

Jason Adrian and his friends survived Magic Camp But can they survive the beastly minions of the Dark Hand.who seem to have followed them home

  • Title: The Curse of Arkady
  • Author: Emily Drake
  • ISBN: 9780756401030
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Emily Drake

Pseunonym of Rhondi Ann Vilott Salsitz

Comments The Curse of Arkady

  • Michael Baylosis

    The Magickers series is definitely worth the read. The Curse of Arkady keeps up with the fast pace & the adventure of Book 1. The events and the plot are very smart and fast-paced. Reviewers of the book had compared it to the Harry Potter series which I think it sure has some resemblance. Emily Drake, however, was able to pen something significantly different and genius. Each chapter has an adventure of its own. I want the next installment so badly.Th Curse of Arkady ended really well and ye [...]

  • Hack

    i liked this book. it had the same meandering style as the first one (which i found distracting). i also thought that the lack of Trent's powers was a little ridiculous that no one noticed. i was also annoyed that the "curse" was never explained. it was a vague threat that caused Jason to open the water gate, but it was never clear what it was. the book was still intriguing, and i appreciated the style well enough to read the third one.

  • T J

    The second book starts off with Jason and his friends back to normal life until the black hand sends nightmares and monsters after them. It is up to Jason and friends to figure out and stop them. Not a bad series and am looking forward to book 3: The Dragon Guard.

  • Chelsea

    A great sequel to a great first! Plot twists become slightly more subtle until the end, and then it's a GREAT BIG ONE! Also, some more wonderful character developement on all the characters. The ending is a bit of a cliff hanger, and I'm really upset that my library doesn't carry number 3 or 4.

  • Karen

    good harry Potter-esque American based books

  • Bryan457

    The minions of evil track Jason and his friend to their homes.It was just ok.

  • Karen

    This was as good as the first book.

  • Camille

    it was a good story but no so good that i couldn't put it down, it is just a little slower paced

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  • Free Download [History Book] Ì The Curse of Arkady - by Emily Drake ↠
    260 Emily Drake
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