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By Marcia Muller | Comments: ( 388 ) | Date: ( Jul 08, 2020 )

When an elderly antiques dealer is murdered, Muller s popular P.I Sharon McCone follows a killer s trail to a museum where San Francisco s most elegant socialites gather Muller and McCone are still the class of the field San Diego Union Tibune.

  • Title: Edwin of the Iron Shoes
  • Author: Marcia Muller
  • ISBN: 9780679507826
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Unknown Binding

About Author:

Marcia Muller

A native of the Detroit area, Marcia Muller grew up in a house full of books and self published three copies of her first novel at age twelve, a tale about her dog complete with primitive illustrations The reviews were generally positive.In the early 1970s, having moved to California, Muller found herself unemployable and began experimenting with mystery novels.In the ensuing thirty some years, Muller has authored over 35 novels three of them in collaboration with husband Bill Pronzini seven short story collections, and numerous nonfiction articles Together she and Pronzini have edited a dozen anthologies and a nonfiction book on the mystery genre Muller received the Shamus Award, The Eye Lifetime achievement award in 1993 In 2005 Muller was named a Grand Master by Mystery Writers of America, the organization s highest award Pronzini was named Grand Master in 2008, making them the only living couple to share the award the other being Margaret Millar and Ross Macdonald The Mulzinis, as friends call them, live in Sonoma County, California, in yet another house full of books.

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Comments Edwin of the Iron Shoes

  • Michael

    I really wanted to give this one up at the half way stage. But there were a few reasons I wanted to finish it poking me along. One being the shortness of the thing, and it features an early female P.I predating Sue Grafton's 1980s creation, but the main and most persistent pokey thing was the knowledge that Marcia Muller is married to Bill Pronzini, author of the superb Nameless Detective series. Muller's P.I. also haunts the same San Francisco streets and eventually the two will come together i [...]

  • aPriL does feral sometimes

    Number one novel in the Sharon McCone detective series, so one must begin with this book. It's a fast read, primarily because it has all of the complexity of a television detective show. While it is a suitably entertaining mystery, it is written in a wooden, declarative fashion. Everyone tends to explain themselves fully in as few sentences as possible. I'm in admiration of how the author, Marcia Muller, so quickly sets her scenes and moves the action with such quick word brushstrokes and descri [...]

  • Scott Rhee

    Marcia Muller is one of the grande dames of the contemporary mystery genre, up there with Sue Grafton and Sara Paretsky. Muller's female P.I. Sharon McCone has been p.ig long before most mystery writers writing today were in diapers. "Edwin of the Iron Shoes", published in 1977, is the very first McCone mystery. Set in her home town of San Francisco, "Edwin" starts off with the murder of a beloved owner of an antiques store. McCone is called in to investigate and quickly runs up a list of suspec [...]

  • Spuddie

    First of the Sharon McCone series in San Francisco, this was published in 1977, which is the year I graduated from high school, so it's OLD. LOL The book has Sharon, a P.I. working for a law cooperative, looking into first a series of vandalism and property attacks in a small neighborhood to the murder of one of the proprietors, an older woman who ran an antique shop. Because Sharon had inside information about the locals from her investigation, she 'independently assists' the police with their [...]

  • Chrisl

    The setting helped hold my interest in the McCone series until about the 10th book. Four stars for the early stuff, declining to not interested in the later episodes.

  • Joan

    This is Sharon McCone's first case from a series of many books. Sharon is hired to find out who is vandalizing the neighbor by the insurance company she works for. Sharon lives in the neighborhood and when the vandals stop, Sharon is called off the case. However, when a woman is found dead, Sharon feels guilt for not finding out who the vandals were. She is determined to find the killer, even though she gets little help from the police. The police are sure the woman's boyfriend is the killer and [...]

  • Kathleen Hagen

    Edwin of the Iron Shoes, by Marcia Muller, the 1st Sharon McCone, a-minus, Narrated by Laura Hicks, produced by Audiogo, downloaded from audible.It's Sharon McCone's first case as staff investigator for All Souls Legal Cooperative. Her boss asks her to investigate the ongoing vandalism going on on Salem Street itself. She does, but can’t reach a conclusion. Then, months later, an antique dealer is murdered, stabbed with an antique knife/dagger from her own store. Sharon believes that the forme [...]

  • Joy

    I went back to the first Sharon McCone, EDWIN OF THE IRON SHOES. It's hard to believe it's the beginning, Marcia Muller's first novel according to her website, because the writing and Sharon are both maturely developed. Muller relies on her characters from the start, instead of on fear and fireworks. (Both exist, but as support for the plot, not as sensationalism.)Sharon McCone is dismayed when the loveable and whimsical antique dealer Joan Albritton is killed in her shop. That whole section of [...]

  • Ubalstecha

    This first book in the Sharon McCone series feels a little dated in both its attitudes towards women, as well as the mystery style, but given that it was originally published in 1977 that's understandable. This is an essential "who done it", McCone is a private investigator who works for a group of lawyers. She is called out to a murder scene, where the victim is one of the law firm's clients. The elderly antique dealer was murdered using one of her own items.McCone has to learn about the convol [...]

  • Larraine

    I started the Sharon McCone very late in the series - after her time with All Souls and as an independent investigator. So I thought I would go back to the beginning. Muller has never been on my top tier of authors, but I enjoy the series. Her later books investigate Sharon's past as well. This is her first book. Her skills are very evident here. It's an interesting book that explores the art world and describes Sharon as a young woman. The book was written in 1977. When one of the characters in [...]

  • Ed

    #1 in the Sharon McCone series. With this 1977 debut novel for female PI Sharon McCone, author Muller broke the ground for the likes of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone and Sara Paretsky's V.I. Warshawski, who both debuted in 1982 with Sharon McCone's #2 Ask the Cards a Question (1982).Sharon McCone had been investigating arson and vandalism in a rundown S.F. neighborhood of antique and junk shops. The properties have been condemned by the city and various organizations are interested in buying them [...]

  • Beverly

    I noticed that Marcia Muller recently released book 26 or 27 in this series. I stopped reading it a long time ago, but I became nostalgic for it and decided to revisit it. I always like Sharon McCone, and this reintroduction to the series (it is the first)reminded me that the strong, self reliant McCone was ahead of her time as a woman detective. In this episode, McCone solves the murder of a beloved and eccentric San Francisco antiques and junk dealer. It involves stolen art, which is heavily f [...]

  • Donna

    This was a short book which meant a super fast read.at worked in its favor. This was just okay for me. It read like a Doris Day moviegolly gee. Being like Doris Day is not a bad thing. The 2 star rating was because of a few things. The forced romance, for starters, wasn't believable and it was very predictable. The awful dialogue was also a turn off. I liked the MC as a character, but I expected more. Another thing that bugged me was the title. It made this book sound interesting.but it was disa [...]

  • Lee

    I finally found a copy of her first Sharon McCone mystery. Was on the lookout for it, after reading that Ms. Muller was considered the "founding mother" of the modern day hard-boiled P.I. I can see some of that in her to the point writing style, and the character of McCone. Fairly typical who-dun-it. But, being her first novel and also being Mrs. Bill Pronzini.is is quite the mystery writing couple. 3.5 stars

  • Hapzydeco

    Written in 1977, a quote on the book jacket calls Marcia Muller the "founding mother of the contemporary female hard-boiled private eye". While a short read of 178 pages, this first mystery featuring San Francisco private investigator Sharon McCone is good. The sexist, demeaning attitude of detective Greg Marcus clashing with the demeanor of McCone, makes for an intriguing sidebar.

  • Jess

    Three and a half stars. I had low expectations but really enjoyed this. Very short and quick read. She got straight to the point, no extraneous information. I'd definitely be interested in reading more in this series.

  • SuperWendy

    Muller is one of those writers I discovered as a teenager and then when I became a librarian, went back and started listening to on audio. I stopped keeping up with her around Listen to the Silence, because I couldn't get my hands on the audio at that time and I wasn't keen enough to switch back to reading in print. But I'm feeling nostalgic and I'm in the mood for a mystery - so I've decided to go back and and revisit this series.I remembered quite a bit about this book, although there were a f [...]

  • Damo

    The prospect of starting a long-running PI series is always something to savour and that’s where I find myself with Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone series.Edwin of the Iron Shoes is a good solid introduction with the murder of a local antique dealer offering plenty for McCone to sink her teeth into. Her involvement stems from the fact that the antique store, along with a number of small businesses, were part of an investigation into arson and property damage in the area. Business owners have b [...]

  • John Grazide

    I think I'm going to enjoy this series. Having read her in some of the Nameless novels, I feel I have a head start. Sharon McCone is a private investigator presently working for a law office. And it's the office that calls her the night one of there clients is killed. Sharon starts helping out, but the cops and the murdered woman's partners give her a hard time. This is where it seemed a little dated, they thought that what she was doing was no place for a woman. But when she starts to put the p [...]

  • Bonster

    Dated in just a couple ways. Otherwise pretty damn solid.

  • Susan K.

    A well written story with an interesting ending.

  • Meredith

    Easy fun readFormulaic but agreeable. This one is a bit dated now but holds together. I’ll read a more recent one and see how the author and her detective evolve

  • Annie

    pretty good I'll read a few more

  • Leslie

    2.5 stars- just ok, good audio

  • Cynthia Repsher

    An investigator with a heart that can solve a case in her unique fashion.

  • Josephine


  • Lynn

    Not another Kinsey Sharon McCone is not another Kinsey Mulhone. Sharon not as smooth and sharp as Kinsey. But then she is just starting the detective stuff.

  • Susan

    Interesting story and fun characters

  • Karyl Carlson

    Interesting little mystery.I don't know that this author will become a favorite of mine but it was not a complete waste of time.

  • Merryl Todd

    Two star rating says it all

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  • ☆ Edwin of the Iron Shoes || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Marcia Muller
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